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Roslyn Elementary School “Wax Museum” Comes Alive!

Roslyn Elementary School fifth-grade students truly came to life with the school's "Wax Museum." Parents, faculty, and other students were able to "bring the wax figures to life" by pushing a special "start" button. Right before everyone's eyes, Roslyn students were transformed into famous Americans from the past, sharing interesting...

Roslyn Elementary School’s Reading Night a Great Success!

During the day of the Reading Night Roslyn teachers and students enjoyed dressing as their favorite book characters or creatively represented book styles and expressions. Many families came out for the evening event to celebrate reading. Some fun activities that families enjoyed were listening to stories read aloud by teachers,...

Abington Senior High School Boys’ & Girls’ Varsity Basketball Teams Visit Roslyn Elementary School to Support its “March Reading Madness” Program

Students who met Roslyn's Elementary School's "March Reading Madness" reading initiative goals attended a basketball clinic run by the Abington High School Boys' & Girls' Varsity Basketball Teams today. The Galloping Ghosts basketball teams visited Roslyn to promote the importance of reading along with academic and extracurricular goal-setting. The high...