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Our Mission

Building upon the historical and culturally diverse roots of our community and its proud traditions, and recognizing the uniqueness of each student, the Abington School District promotes excellence as our standard and achievement as the result.

Abington School District – Facts & Figures


  • Northern suburb of Philadelphia in Montgomery County
  • Includes Abington Township and Borough of Rockledge
  • 15.2 square miles, primarily residential
  • Total population: 55,310

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District Organization/Enrollment 2016-2017

  • Elementary schools (K-6): 4,367
  • Junior high school (7-8-9): 1,855
  • Senior high school (10-11-12): 1,748
  • Total enrollment: 7,970

Personnel 2016-2017

  • Professional staff positions: 640
  • Supporting staff positions: 401
Budget 2016-2017
Budget Item Total    Federal Funds
included in total
   State Funds
included in total
   Local Funds
included in total
Salary Items $ 80,395,249   $ 833,020   $ 8,270,776   $ 71,291,453
Employee Benefits $ 46,148,281   $ 478,168   $ 19,858,182   $ 25,811,931
Non-Salary Items $ 26,694,448   $     $ 3,090,229   $ 23,604,219
Total Budget $ 157,237,978   $ 1,311,188   $ 31,219,188   $ 120,707,602
Taxes 2016-2017

Real Estate Tax:

  • The 2016-2017 school tax rate is set at 30.83 mills. This means that for every $1,000 of assessed property value, $30.83 in school taxes is levied.

Earned Income Tax:

  • The 2016-2017 school district tax rate is set at 0.5%

Items in our budget over which we have little or no control:

  • Cyber and charter schools
  • Additional enrollment
  • Increases in fuel and utility costs
  • Increasing retirement/pension costs
  • Unfunded and underfunded mandated programs including special education classes and other programs and costs
  • Low level of state funding for education

Approved State Cost Per Pupil 2015-2016:

  • Elementary: $12,788.25
  • Secondary: $13,982.16
2017-2018 Budget Process


Future Plans of Graduates (Class of 2016):

  • Higher Education: 90%
  • Employment: 8%
  • Military: 2%