Administration > Community Relations

The Community Relations department works to keep the broader public informed of what’s happening within Abington School District. This includes reaching out to media, promoting upcoming and recent events on social media, and developing and distributing publications and materials, including: 

  • The Abington School District school year calendar
  • Wednesday Morning recap of School Board meetings
  • Content for the Abington School District cable station on Comcast channels 43 and 968 and Verizon FIOS channel 34
  • The Abington School District website
  • Other special brochures and booklets

We also work in conjunction with, and to support, the Abington Educational Foundation and the Abington School District Parent Council. We have established partnerships with local businesses that benefit both the school district and our business partners — please contact us if you would like to learn how a partnership with the District can benefit your organization. Community Relations is also available to help disseminate school news to the community, or answer any questions pertaining to the District.