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The mission of the Curriculum Department is to assist in providing each student with appropriate instructional materials and strategies in order that the student may achieve proficiency and reach his/her potential in a well-rounded educational program.

To this end, each staff member within the department is committed to promote high academic expectations for every student; to offer leadership and skill in the selection and implementation of curricular materials, instructional strategies including the use of technology, effective assessment tools, and procedures for reporting and analyzing student progress; and to provide to staff members effective professional development related to each of these areas. The success of this mission is achieved through the coordination of all resources.

Members of the Curriculum Department work closely with building principals, Elementary Curriculum Specialists, Reading Specialists, Librarians, Music and Art teachers, teachers of English as a Second Language, and secondary department chairs. In addition, they collaborate with Supervisors of Special Education in the delivery of curriculum and instruction for students with special needs.

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Dr. Ann Bacon
Director of Curriculum

Dr. Charles Lentz
Assistant Director of Curriculum

Dr. James Melchor
Assistant Director of Curriculum

Ms. Peggy Jahn
Administrative Assistant to the Director

Ms. Kim Beaumont
Instructional Materials Center Administrative Assistant

Ms. Betsy Schofield
Curriculum Department Administrative Assistant

Dr. Kelly A. Doyle
Supervisor of Communication Arts, Elementary

Dr. Denise Mendez
Coordinator of Mathematics and Elementary Science

Ms. Janine Sack
Supervisor of Communication Arts, Secondary