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Click below for the public documents for each Abington School District Board of School Directors Meeting.

As of the 2015-2016 school year, the District has been using the BoardDocs electronic board meeting document management system. All board meeting materials from August, 2015 onward are accessible via the Boarddocs system.  The agenda will be posted below as well as in the Recent Posts section of the main page of the District website prior to 12:00 noon on meeting days.  Meeting materials will be available on the BoardDocs website prior to the Board Meeting.

Notice of Broadcast

All or a portion of the meeting is being video recorded with sound for purpose of public broadcast. As a courtesy to the members of the public in attendance, please accept this as a reminder that other members of the public may be recording this meeting and please take care that your private remarks are not recorded by other members of the public. The District expressly disclaims responsibility for statements made by non-District personnel in attendance at the meeting.