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Collect and Save $$$ for Copper Beech

Copper Beech

Designate Copper Beech, #88718, as your school of choice for the Target Rewards Program. This money is earmarked to help our own CB families.

Copper Beech

Register your Genuardi’s Card, either online or at the store, to have the Escrip donations directed to Copper Beech, group number 149029920.  This card must be re-registered each year.

Copper Beech

Remember to send in any label with this icon. The points are used to buy school equipment.

Copper Beech

Please keep clipping those Box Tops. Our school has earned almost $6,000 since 2002 thru this program.

Copper Beech

Look for this Tyson Project A+ icon on Tyson products, each label is worth 24ยข.

Copper Beech

Save the tabs from any type of can, they will be donated to the Philadelphis Ronald McDonald House.  

Copper Beech

PTA will recycle empty ink cartridges which will help defray costs of office supplies.

           Periodically send these items into school with your student c/o PTA office.
   We will put your donations to good use, and as always, your support is appreciated.

PTA Gifts and Apparel

Copper Beech Jewelry

Sterling Silver Beech Tree,  Charms & Tie Tacks,  Sterling Silver Bracelets,  Cord Necklaces -- Many styles and sizes -   see order form for details.

Copper Beech Jewelry order form (pdf)- Jewelry is on display in the C. B. lobby showcase.  All prices include 6% PA State Sales Tax. Your order can be picked up at Keswick Jewelers Inc., www.keswickjinc.com, located 5 minutes from the Beech.  




Handmade Bracelets with sterling silver accent beads.

Genuine Swarvoski Crystals in the school colors of green and gold, plus CB Cougar paw print charm.
Orders will take 3 to 4 weeks to process.
Adult bracelet comes with a toggle clasp . $35 /  Children's bracelet has a lobster claw clasp. $35

To order beaded bracelets, make checks payable to Lianne Doyle.  A portion of the profit will be donated to CB PTA. Lianne Doyle phone 215-885-9297.  Click here for the order form. (pdf)



Clothing & Apparel

~~~ Holiday Apparel Flyer ~~~

Copper Beech Apparel (pdf)- Place payment in an envelope c/o PTA CB Apparel,
and send to PTA Office.  Make checks payable to CB PTA.
See Order Form for available sizes and prices.

     Copper Beech Football Shirt & Pants  
              Copper Beech Hooded Sweatshirts and Pants
Cooper Beech Tie-Dye Shirts

Cooper Beech Magnet


PTA Officers

President, Nicole Gesing, the_gesings@msn.com
President-Elect, Christine Strange, chris_strange@comcast.net
Vice Pres 1, Steve Specht, 215-380-9219, fdmed7@yahoo.com
Vice Pres 2, Jennifer Hurley, jhurley830@comcast.net
Vice Pres 3, Wendy Kaye, aidankayesmom@comcast.net
Recording Secretary, Louann Marinucci, 215-887-8587, marinucci2@verizon.net
Corresponding Secretary, Claire Hays-Noonan, 215-885-8683, haysc@comcast.net
Treasurer, Courtney Clark, eclynch@hotmail.com
Volunteer Coordinator, Ashley Brunetti, mattysmom114@yahoo.com

PTA Email: copperpta@yahoo.com

Welcome to the 2011-2012 Sixth Grade Home Page

Meeting Minutes / By Laws / Rules / Budgetet
PTA By Laws CB PTA By Laws (150K - PDF)
Standing Rules PTA Standing Rules 2009  (54K - PDF)
Copper Beech Inclusion Policy PDF Document  (9K - PDF)

2013 / 2014 School Year Meeting Minutes
November 13 Minutes - (86K - PDF Document)
October 13 Minutes - (86K - PDF Document)

2012 / 2013 School Year Meeting Minutes
May 13 Minutes - (86K - PDF Document)
April 13 Minutes - (86K - PDF Document)
March 13 Minutes - (86K - PDF Document)
Feb 13 Minutes - (86K - PDF Document)
Jan 13 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)
Sept 12 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)
Oct 12 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)

2011 / 2012 School Year Meeting Minutes
June 12 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)
May 12 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)
Mar 12 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)
Feb 12 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)
Jan 12 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)
Dec 11 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)
Nov 11 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)
Oct 11 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)
Sept 11 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)

2010 / 2011 School Year Meeting Minutes
June 11 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)
May 11 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)
March 11 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)
February 11 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)
January 11 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)
November 10 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)
October 10 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)
September 10 Minutes - (14K - PDF Document)

* To view and print the PDF files we host on the PTA Website please download the Adobe Reader.

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