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Eraser Vs. Magic Ink (Video)


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Promethean Board Guide Lines (Dos and Don'ts)

Promethean Board Guide Lines (Novice Version)

ActiveInspire Main Toolbox Guide

1. Why doesn't my computer project through the projector?

    You may need to hit the Function (blue Fn) and F7 keys to switch your laptop to the external video display to see the projector image.  These controls are specifically for the IBM Think Pads, your computer may use a different combination of can always check with your building's Promethean Mentor for further instruction.

2. How do you download resource packs?

log in and go here:

Resource packs are FREE and can be a valuable tool for creating or supplementing lessons.  Never downloaded or installed one before? No worries! Simply have a look at the following instructions or preview the video.

Instructions for ActivInspire users.

If you have downloaded an ActivInspire resource pack (with the file extension .as4a), to import the resources so they can be used with ActivInspire, you must:
  1. Launch ActivInspire
  2. Click on ‘File’ -> ‘Import’
  3. Select ‘Resource Pack to' either 'My Resources’ or ‘Shared Resources’
  4. Browse to the location of your resource pack (.as4a file), and select it.
  5. Click ‘Open’ – the contents of the resource pack will then be imported into your selected resource library
  6. You may need to reboot the computer in order to use the resource pack materials.

3. How do you scan a document into ActivInspire?

  1. Go to my computer
  2. Click on Hp Scanning icon
  3. Click on Microsft Word Document
  4. Place paper or picture to be scanned on the flatbed of the scanner face down
  5. Use the onscreen prompts to preview or scan the document
  6. Save as -name the doc., save to your H:Drive
  7. Remember-color documents take up more space on your drive
  8. Also-strictly observe copyright laws-if you're not sure... check with a librarian or superior about copying permissions
  9. Finally, right click the saved doc., choose copy
  10. Open Active Inspire and right click on a flip chart, choose paste
  11. Your scanned doc. is now ready to be used

4. My pen and cursor aren't aligned.

  1. Recalibrate your pen
  2. If this doesn't work, restart your computer

5. I cannot open ActivInspire software.

  1. Reboot your computer
  2. If this doesn't solve your problem, email your building's Promethean mentor

6. My resource browser has disappeared, how do I retrieve it?

  1.     Go to the Menu, click on View
  2. Scroll down to Browsers and click
  3. You can also press ctrl and B simultaneously, the browser will appear

7. How do you insert a hyperlink into a flipchart ?

    1.  Go the web site you wish to use for your lesson

    2. Left click on the URL (web address in the long rectangular box at the top of the web page)

    3. The address is now high-lighted

    4. Right click on the address and choose copy from the sub-menu

    5. Open ActivInspir and create or open a flipchart

    6. Go to Insert and choose Link

    7. Follow the sub menu and choose web site

    8. Right click on the long rectangular box and choose paste, you web address should appear

    9. Click on text and then click OK

    10. The web link will appear on your flipchart

    11. Click on the text box and change the web address to a label that best describes the web site

    12. When you bring your pen over the text box, an arrow will appear

    13. Click and you'll be transported to the website


8. How do you use the camera tool?

Click on desk tools on the tool palette-the icon shows two crossed tools layered over an active board

Click on the camera icon

You’ll have five choices-start with the upper first choice-full screen snapshot

A camera snap shot box will appear asking: Snapshot to?

Choose, for example, current page

A snapshot is automatically taken of the page, you can photograph anything on the desktop and save to any page of a flipchart in this way-this includes web sites, too…but please, always observe proper copyright obedience-when in doubt, check…


9. How do you record your voice and embed the file on a flipchart page?

Click on desk tools on the tool palette-the icon shows two crossed tools layered over an active board

Click on the two crossed tools and more tool options appear

Click on the microphone icon

A recording window appears on your flipchart

Click the red button-you are now recording

Speak into the computer’s mic-usually located on the flip up display screen

When you are done, press the pause button

When you close the recording box (x on upper left) it will save it as a speaker icon on the page

You can add a text box to identify it or leave it alone

When you click the speaker icon your recording automatically plays

10. How do you register/create an account on Promethean Planet?

        click HERE for an explanation

11. Can ActivInspir software edit a PowerPoint after it has been imported into a flip chart?

            Click the following link to view a movie demonstrating this powerful technique.


12. Here's a video explaining how to register on Promethean Planet, and further, how to search for lessons, resources, and activtips.


13. A visual exploration about making containers:


14. A video about making mutiple containers: