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  English Department

English Department

In pursuit of excellence, the Abington Junior High School English Department is committed to a curriculum of variety and competence. The basic components are grammar, composition, literature, vocabulary, and spelling. Our language texts emphasize skill reinforcement and support our writing program through process-oriented instruction. Individual skills have been delineated by grade level in an attempt to focus on mastery. We utilize a program that emphasizes peer editing, reading aloud, and Focus Correction Areas. The goal of this program is mastery of a specific set of skills for each assignment. Novels, short stories, drama, nonfiction, and poetry are the integral elements of the literature program. All classes use the Elements of Language and Elements of Literature programs published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston. For vocabulary and spelling, an intensive sequential program is followed.

Mrs. Denise James, Chairperson
Ms. Erica Affleck
Ms. Cecile Black
Mrs. Kathryn Ciukurescu
Mr.Warren Kulp
Mr. Chris Hamsher
Mrs. Jenyfer Kennedy
Mrs. Courtney Mack
Mrs. Cheryl Marquette
Ms. Kate McGuffin
Mrs. Alexandra Martin
Ms. Shelli Pierce
Ms. Kelley Stafford
Mrs. Kristen Teefy
Mr. John Vaszily


Additional Learning Center support in English is available.
The English office phone number is 215-884-4700, extension 2437.


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