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Name Department Voice Mail # E-Mail Address
7th Grade Attendance   215-517-2890 Absentee calls only
8th Grade Attendance   215-517-2890 Absentee calls only
9th Grade Attendance   215-517-2890 Absentee calls only
Adams, Brian Phys. Ed. & Health 2344 BrianAdams@Abington.k12.pa.us
Affleck, Erica M English 2293 EricaAffleck@Abington.k12.pa.us
Ash, Samantha Reading 5568 SamanthaAsh@Abington.k12.pa.us
Bachmann, Kristine Special Education 5591 KristineBachmann@Abington.k12.pa.us
Bauer, Valerie Social Studies 2320 ValerieBauer@Abington.k12.pa.us
Begley, Michelle Speech Therapist 2473 MichelleBegley@Abington.k12.pa.us
Benz, Denise C Mathematics 2273 DeniseBenz@Abington.k12.pa.us
Black, Cecile English 2298 CecileBlack@Abington.k12.pa.us
Blakely, Richard R. Social Studies 2274 RichardBlakely@Abington.k12.pa.us
Blumberg, Michael D. Special Education 2327 MichaelBlumberg@Abington.k12.pa.us
Bocian, Sarah A Science 2481 SarahBocian@Abington.k12.pa.us
Bodine, Lisa Reading 5544 LisaBodine@Abington.k12.pa.us
Bowe, Francis Social Studies 2284 FrancisBowe@Abington.k12.pa.us
Bradley, Megan Reading 2297 MeganBradley@Abington.k12.pa.us
Brison, Ronald Assistant Principal 2207 RonaldBrison@Abington.k12.pa.us
Brizzell, Melissa Guidance 2231 MelissaBrizzell@Abington.k12.pa.us
Burden, Margaret Reading 2291 MargaretBurden@Abington.k12.pa.us
Burke, Michael Math 2254 MichaelBurke@abington.k12.pa.us
Carabelli, Claudia Guidance 2336 claudiacarabelli@abington.k12.pa.us
Ciukurescu, Kathryn English 2313 ciukkm@abington.k12.pa.us
Cottone, Jason P Social Studies 2315 JasonCottone@Abington.k12.pa.us
Custer, Ann  Art 2350 AnnCusterWalter@Abington.k12.pa.us
Czapor, Robyn Mathematics 2317 RobynCzapor@Abington.k12.pa.us
Daly, Amanda Mathematics 2287 AmandaDaly@Abington.k12.pa.us
Deck, Shaun T Social Studies 2264 ShaunDeck@Abington.k12.pa.us
DiMarzio, Alisha Phys. Ed. & Health 5592 AlishaDiMarzio@Abington.k12.pa.us
Durand, Brian Social Studies 2300 BrianDurand@Abington.k12.pa.us
Durkin, Deirdre K. Phys. Ed. & Health 2344 DeirdreDurkin@Abington.k12.pa.us
Eichler, Ester World Language 2085 EsterEichler@Abington.k12.pa.us
Felte, Mollie Mathematics 2285 MollieFelte@Abington.k12.pa.us
File, Daniel Assistant Principal 2204 DanielFile@Abington.k12.pa.us
Fleming, Cynthia Special Education 5574 CynthiaFleming@Abington.k12.pa.us
Fogle, Jeremy Science 2310 JeremyFogle@Abington.k12.pa.us
Foley, Joseph Mathematics   JosephFoley@Abington.k12.pa.us
Garvin, Dennis J. Mathematics 2252 DennisGarvin@Abington.k12.pa.us
Gates, Stephanie F Social Studies 2265 StephanieGates@Abington.k12.pa.us
Gillen, Bonnie Speech 5102 BonnieGillen@Abington.k12.pa.us
Godfrey, Gregory Phys. Ed. & Health 5538 GregoryGodfrey@Abington.k12.pa.us
Gold , Kerri World Language 2272 KerriGold@Abington.k12.pa.us
Goldschmidt, Edwin G. Science 2280 EdGoldschmidt@Abington.k12.pa.us
Grande, Stephanie Science 2433 StephanieGrande@Abington.k12.pa.us
Guendelsberger, David H Mathematics 2301 DavidGuendelsberger@Abington.k12.pa.us
Guidance, Office Guid. Department 2238  
Gunther, Gregory World Language 2259 GregoryGunther@Abington.k12.pa.us
Gutgesell, Jeff Special Education 5511 JeffreyGutgesell@Abington.k12.pa.us
Hamsher, Christopher J. English 2268 ChristopherHamsher@Abington.k12.pa.us
Harkins, Edward W. Mathematics-Chair 2296 EdwardHarkins@Abington.k12.pa.us
Hartman, Robert Social Studies 2261 RobertHartman@Abington.k12.pa.us
Hartwell, Matthew Science 2477 MatthewHartwell@Abington.k12.pa.us
Haviland, Angel Receptionist 2214 AngelicaHaviland@Abington.k12.pa.us
Haynes, Rochele Guidance 2471 RocheleHaynes@Abington.k12.pa.us
Health Suite   2229  
Heine, Robert A. Science 2490 RobertHeine@Abington.k12.pa.us
Herman, Jordan Special Education 5558 JordanHerman@Abington.k12.pa.us
Hinds, Bryan Mathematics 2249 BryanHinds@Abington.k12.pa.us
Hurm, Morgan S. Science 2311 MorganHurm@Abington.k12.pa.us
James, Denise English - Chair 2437 DeniseJames@Abington.k12.pa.us
Jogan, Cheryl World Language 2323 CherylJogan@Abington.k12.pa.us
Johnson, Fred D. Guidance 2235 FredJohnson@Abington.k12.pa.us
Jonas, Richard R. Technology Educ. 2335 RichardJonas@Abington.k12.pa.us
Junior High Athletic Info   2761  
Kane, Cindy Reading 2305 CynthiaKane@Abington.k12.pa.us
Keller, Timothy Science - Chair 2454 TimothyKeller@Abington.k12.pa.us
Kelly, Adele Mathematics 2292 AdeleKelly@Abington.k12.pa.us
Kelly, Brian Science 2480 BrianKelly@Abington.k12.pa.us
Kemble, Lauren E World Language 2271 LaurenKemble@Abington.k12.pa.us
Kennedy, Jenyfer English 2322 jenyferkennedy@Abington.k12.pa.us
Kovaleski, Jonathan Assistant Principal 2209 JonathanKovaleski@Abington.k12.pa.us
Krik, Julia Special Ed - Chair 2434 JuliaKrik@Abington.k12.pa.us
Kucera, Doug Mathematics 2321 DouglasKucera@Abington.k12.pa.us
Kulp, Warren English 2283 WarrenKulp@Abington.k12.pa.us
Kurilla, Matthew Social Studies 2269 MatthewKurilla@Abington.k12.pa.us
Lansberry, Alayne Science 2488 AlayneLansberry@Abington.k12.pa.us
Lavner, Arlene Guidance 2237 ArleneLavner@Abington.k12.pa.us
Lee, Lawrence Mathematics 2250 LawrenceLee@Abington.k12.pa.us
Lennon, Joseph Social Studies 2263 JosephLennon@Abington.k12.pa.us
Lerch, Megan Reading 2302 MeganLerch@Abington.k12.pa.us
Library   2218  
Little, Shaun R Social Studies 2306 ShaunLittle@Abington.k12.pa.us
Mack, Courtney English 2318 CourtneyMack@Abington.k12.pa.us
Maiorano-Dever, Vincenza Mathematics 2307 VincenzaMaiorano-Dever@Abington.k12.pa.us
Malis, Kenneth A. Mathematics/Tech Ed 2309 KennethMalis@Abington.k12.pa.us
Mamrol, Touri Special Education 2484 TouriMamrol@Abington.k12.pa.us
Marchione, Madeline Special Education 5578 MadelineMarchione@Abington.k12.pa.us
Marquette, Cheryl J. English 2244 CherylMarquette@Abington.k12.pa.us
Marren, Pamela Reading 2247 PamelaMarren@Abington.k12.pa.us
Marsh, Daniel  Phys. Ed. & Health 2343 DanielMarsh@Abington.k12.pa.us
Marsh, Margaret Special Education 5571 MargaretMarsh@Abington.k12.pa.us
Martin, Alexandra English 2255 AlexandraMartin@Abington.k12.pa.us
Martin, Robert B. World Language 2256 RobertMartin@Abington.k12.pa.us
Martinelli, Danielle M. Reading 5517 DanielleMartinelli@Abington.k12.pa.us
McGuffin, Kathleen English 2276 KathleenMcGuffin@Abington.k12.pa.us
Miller, Karen Phys. Ed. & Health 5537 KarenMiller@Abington.k12.pa.us
Mirabal, Andrea World Language 2257 AndreaMirabal@Abington.k12.pa.us
Mishel, Jessica L. World Language 2278 JessicaMishel@Abington.k12.pa.us
Muldoon, Kimberly Mathematics 2267 KimberlyMuldoon@Abington.k12.pa.us
Nalence, John Social Studies 2319 JohnNalence@Abington.k12.pa.us
Nord, Beth Business Education 2288 BethNord@Abington.k12.pa.us
O'Gara, Stefanie Special Ed 2603 StefanieO'Gara@Abington.k12.pa.us
Olszewski, Mary Nurse 2227 MaryOlszewski@Abington.k12.pa.us
Palocsko, Beth A. Special Education 5579 BethPalocsko@Abington.k12.pa.us
Patton, Susan B. Family & Consumer 2260 SusanPatton@Abington.k12.pa.us
Peifer, Catherine Reading 2286 CatherinePeifer@Abington.k12.pa.us
Pellico, Mark Principal 2202 MarkPellico@Abington.k12.pa.us
Perch, Carla Librarian 2218 CarlaPerch@Abington.k12.pa.us
Petersen, Julianne Social Studies - Chair 2472 JuliannePetersen@Abington.k12.pa.us
Pierce, Shelli English 2248 ShelliPierce@Abington.k12.pa.us
Powers, Kristina Special Education 2270 KristinaPowers@Abington.k12.pa.us
Pringle, Caitlin Special Education 2483 CaitlinPringle@Abington.k12.pa.us
Records   2211  
Regan , Cecelia Special Education 5572 CeceliaRegan@Abington.k12.pa.us
Regan , Holly Special Education 2278 HollyRegan@Abington.k12.pa.us
Renye, Allison R World Language 2277 AllisonRenye@Abington.k12.pa.us
Repetto, Jennifer L. Mathematics 2275 JenniferRepetto@Abington.k12.pa.us
Rettig, Ashley Guidance/Special Education 2603 AshleyRettig@Abington.k12.pa.us
Rix, Julia Art 2337 JuliaRix@Abington.k12.pa.us
Robinson, Gabrielle Special Education 5585 GabrielleRobinson@Abington.k12.pa.us
Robinson, Jeffrey Special Education 2289 JeffreyRobinson@Abington.k12.pa.us
Roher, Betina Social Studies 2262 BetinaRoher@Abington.k12.pa.us
Rose, John E. Special Education 5570 JohnRose@Abington.k12.pa.us
Rossi, Jaclyn Phys. Ed & Health 2344 JaclynRossi@Abington.k12.pa.us
Rudy, Kimberly Science 2489 KimberlyRudy@Abington.k12.pa.us
Sack, Janine Reading - Chair 2423 JanineSack@Abington.k12.pa.us
Sandler, Michael Mathematics 2314 MichaelSandler@Abington.k12.pa.us
Sarault, Abbey Science 2492 AbbeySarault@Abington.k12.pa.us
Saurman, Kelly Phys. Ed & Health 5518 KellySaurman@Abington.k12.pa.us
Scattergood, Wayne Science 2487 WayneScattergood@Abington.k12.pa.us
Scipioni, Katherine School Psychologist 2251 KatherineScipioni@Abington.k12.pa.us
Sharp, Paul D Science 2303 PaulSharp@Abington.k12.pa.us
Shrager, Ellen World Language 2316 EllenShrager@Abington.k12.pa.us
Smith, Samuel P. Phys. Ed. & Health 2344 SamuelSmith@Abington.k12.pa.us
Snead, Lori Librarian 2218 LoriSnead@Abington.k12.pa.us
Spencer, Katie Ann World Language 2258 KatieAnnSpencer@Abington.k12.pa.us
Stafford, Kelley English 2245 KelleyStafford@Abington.k12.pa.us
Steinhardt, Edward Science 2281 EdwardSteinhardt@Abington.k12.pa.us
Stone, Suzanne S. World Language  2431 SuzanneStone@Abington.k12.pa.us
Sweeney, Ryan P Social Studies 2294 RyanSweeney@Abington.k12.pa.us
Teefy, Kristen E English 2246 KristenTeefy@Abington.k12.pa.us
Tulli, Fabio Art 2338 FabioTulli@Abington.k12.pa.us
Utain, Marion Mathematics 2251 MarionUtain@Abington.k12.pa.us
Vaszily, John English 2308 JohnVaszily@Abington.k12.pa.us
Voigt, Nancy L. Music 2643 NancyVoigt@Abington.k12.pa.us
Vouriotis, Nicholas H Guidance 2332 NicholasVouriotis@Abington.k12.pa.us
Walker, Mindy Music 2331 MelindaWalker@Abington.k12.pa.us
Weathers, Ryan J Phys. Ed. & Health 2344 RyanWeathers@Abington.k12.pa.us
Weintraub, Margaret Guidance 2337 MargaretWeintraub@Abington.k12.pa.us
Wetherill, David Music 2326 DavidWetherill@Abington.k12.pa.us
Wexler, Matthew Coor. of Pupil Services 2233 MatthewWexler@Abington.k12.pa.us
Woolsey, Joshua Mathematics 2253 JoshuaWoolsey@Abington.k12.pa.us
Zucker, Andrew Science 2491 AndyZucker@Abington.k12.pa.us

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