Copper Beech Elementary School Presents Its First Science Fair

Copper Beech Elementary School’s PTA and staff hosted the school’s first annual Science Fair this week.  Students from kindergarten through sixth grade presented individual and team projects on display. A total of 85 projects were developed for exhibition at the fair. Volunteer judges reviewed students’ project boards and discussed the projects with the presenters and awarded ribbons. 

In addition, several local organizations showed their love for science at the fair.  Some of the project topics include:  experiments with plants, space, research projects on coin flips, jumping rope, pulleys, coding, rockets, and more. The categories for the science fair projects were: 

  • Animals, Plants and the Human Body
  • Chemistry & Physics
  • Earth Science & Space
  • Computer Science & Mathematics
  • Engineering & Electronics

 A selection of the projects is shown here.

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