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  • Information about Abington Senior High School's 2014 Commencement | download




    Parking registration forms are available in room A-104.  If you plan on parking in the student lot, you must have a 2013-2014 Blue and White parking sticker displayed on your car or risk being ticketed by the Abington Police Department and/or suspension from school.  Issuance of tickets begins Monday, September 30, 2013 to any student that does not have a current sticker displayed.  NO PARKING IN THE STAFF PARKING LOT IS PERMITTED AT ANY TIME.  Parking stickers are being sold in A104 by Mrs. Borkowski from 7:15AM to 7:30AM, during lunch periods, and after school in room A104.  Thank you







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  • Various Service Walks this Spring | download


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  • SERVICE LEARNING:    There is a gold mail box slot in the door of the Service Learning Office.  If Mrs. Rodgers is not in her office, please put your completed permission form in the mailbox on her door.  



  • SERVICE LEARNING:  May 1st is almost here!  This is an important date to remember!  This is the day that a COPY of your log sheet is due to the Service Learning Office IF you have 50 or more hours of service.  Remember to include all of your service hours from last June 1st (2013) to this coming May 31st (2014).  FIFTY or more hours of service qualifies you for a service award.  All service work you performed last summer counts.  All you have to do is put a COPY (just a copy) of your log sheet in the mail-slot on the door of the Service Office on, or before May 1st.  You may also count your May, 2014 hours by estimating the service hours you will perform that month.  (For example, sophomores and juniors will get 5 hours on Service Learning Day….24 Hour Relay = 12 hours, etc.  These hours count toward your total.)  Don’t forget.  A copy of your log sheets is due by May 1 IF you have 50 hours of service or more and would like to receive a service award.  Log sheets submitted for an award after May 1st will not be accepted.  Students who have earned less than 50 service hours this year should put their log sheets in their portfolios.