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What Is Pigskin Geography?


Pigskin Geography is an activity that combines football, teamwork, and geography to enhance your map skills and make you a more complete geographer. 



How Does Pigskin Geography Work?


Once a week, usually on Fridays, from September through December your team will receive a sheet of geography questions based on the schedule of professional football games being played that weekend.  Working together, your team will have to answer select questions to earn points for your team AND your grade!



How Are The Teams Made?


The first several weeks of Pigskin Geography is the “Preseason.”  The start of preseason will have you working independently on some Pigskin Geography questions.  After one or two practice sessions, Mr. Durand will divide the class up into teams (usually with 3 or 4 members per team).  These teams will then choose their team nickname, taken from one of the NFL teams. (e.g. Patriots, Giants, Eagles, etc.)  The first week after teams are made will be the last week of the preseason, as the teams have one chance to practice answering Pigskin Geography questions without it affecting their grade or their teams standing in the rankings.  After the preseason, it’s on to the REGULAR SEASON!



How Does The Regular Season Work?


On select Fridays (not every Friday and not for the entire class) from September through December, you will break up into your teams and work together to answer as many questions correctly as possible. 


I will choose certain questions that you are required to answer; the remaining questions will be bonus questions and an opportunity for your team to earn more points. 


After your team finishes answering all the questions the sheet will be collected and graded by me over the weekend.  The points you earn each week will be added together and the team with the most points will be in first-place in the standings.  (The first place team, both from the previous week and the overall standings, will be posted on the standings board each week, the rest of the standings will remain confidential).



Are There Playoffs in Pigskin Geography?




The playoffs will begin in January and will feature questions similar to those your team answered each week during the Regular Season.  HOWEVER, there are TWO differences between the regular season and the playoffs.


1.)      Instead of each week being worth a classwork grade, each week of questions is now worth a QUIZ grade.


2.)      Instead of competing against the entire class to earn the most points, in the playoffs you are matched up against ONE other team and you simply need to earn more points than them to advance to the next round.


The last two teams standing in the classroom playoffs meet in the Pigskin Geography Super Bowl and the winners of the Super Bowl are immortalized in the PIGSKIN GEOGRAPHY HALL OF FAME!



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