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The Abington School District transportation department transports approximately seven thousand students to eighty public and private schools throughout the school year.  These schools are located within a ten-mile radius from Abington Township.This service is provided with the use of fifty-nine Abington School District vehicles, and twenty-nine private contracted vehicles.
Shown here at Willow Hill with some of his charges and his bus is driver David Ferguson.

At the end of the school year every school bus is cleaned inside and out as well as waxed.  During the month of July all school buses must be State Police inspected. 

Starting in the month of May we prepare for the upcoming school year.  Students moving up a grade, new students and new school registrations are reviewed to prepare bus schedules.  Request for bus stop changes or additions are looked at by the Supervisor of Transportation and the Assistant Superintendent.

Bus schedules are finalized in August and submitted to the School Board for approval.  Once the School Board has approved bus schedules they are sent to the Newspaper for print, and placed on the Abington School District Web site.

Office staff is available from six-thirty in the morning until four-thirty in the afternoon to answer any transportation questions or concerns.


E-mail: Voice: 215-884-0421

Barbara DeValerio 

Supervisor of Transportation

Nora Gardner
Administrative Assistant

Rosemary DiSantis
Clerk Typist