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Abington School District recognizes the importance of technology in a twenty-first century education, and is committed to supporting learning with a wide array of technological resources.

Schools and offices throughout the district are equipped with over 4,300 computers and a high-speed fiber-optic network.  Every classroom in the district has one or more computers, access to carts of mobile devices, a digital projector and an interactive whiteboard or panel for whole-class instruction.  Wired and wireless high-speed network and Internet access is available throughout all schools.  Video systems throughout the schools foster community and enable students to gain broadcast experience by being part of daily news and announcements.  Mobile and cloud-based technologies are utilized to provide mobility and flexible learning.

The district maintains websites for each school, an Intranet for providing information to staff members, and an electronic mail list serv for community communications.  All students, parents and guardians have access to an online student management system that tracks grading, attendance and academic performance, and facilitates online communications between school and home.  Telecommunications systems connect classrooms and offices, and a voicemail system enables efficient communications.

The Technology and Telecommunications Department is responsible for planning, oversight and support for the instructional and administrative uses of computer, audiovisual and telecommunications systems in all Abington School District schools and offices.  Our number one goal is to enable a seamless, dependable technology-rich learning environment.  We provide technology to foster student-centered learning, efficient administrative operations, effective community communications, and 24/7 access to educational resources.


Laurence Goldberg
Director of Technology and Telecommunications

Adele Rossi
Administrative Assistant

Vincent Bevivino
Technical Analyst

Richard Greene
Technical Analyst

Geffrey Hayes
Technical Analyst

Edward Isen
Programmer Analyst

Pamela McLaughlin
Technical Specialist

Matthew Snead
Network Coordinator

Michael Wilkins
Technical Analyst

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