Month: June 2019

June 28, 2019

With school letting out last week, crews immediately began work on the interior of the main portion of the Senior High School building by emptying out all books and furniture in the library, and beginning work on the interior refinishes, technology upgrades and overall reconfiguration of the space.

IMG_0206 IMG_0206a

In the following few days after that, the crews started the process of clearing out the interdisciplinary wing for work to be done there over the summer as well. Shown here is one of the Family and Consumer Sciences classrooms.


June 25, 2019

Ahead of the meeting of the Board of School Directors on Tuesday, June 11, the School Directors had an opportunity to tour the construction site of the Abington Senior High School Additions and Renovations Project. Led by Director of Facilities Mr. Thomas Schneider, and accompanied by Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey Fecher, the group had the chance to see some of the first steel beams that were erected as part of the building’s frame. The steel was delivered just the day prior, and as was shared in the previous blog posts, seniors spent that same morning signing some of the steel before it was placed in the building.

Also pictured in the background of these photos is the elevator shaft (the tall gray structure made of cinder blocks). In any building that is being constructed, the elevator shaft is always the first piece of the structure that is built in order to serve as a vertical core to which every floor attaches. It also provides stability, and is typically one of the strongest parts of a building. The following photos show the progression of the construction of the elevator pit prior to the June 11 tour.

June 24, 2019

While we said goodbye to the class of 2019 on June 12, the recent graduates and alumni are now officially forever ingrained in the structure of Abington Senior High School. Here is the finished product of the steel beam they signed, which has already been placed into the frame of the new science and technology wing. With more of the frame in place, you can really see the addition taking shape!


June 11, 2019

Each year, on the day before graduation, seniors participate in a number of activities ranging from graduation practice and cap and gown pickup, to the annual Grad Walk and senior barbecue. The Abington Senior High School class of 2019, however, had a unique opportunity this morning to leave a lasting legacy on the future of their alma mater. Before departing for the elementary schools for the Grad Walk event, members of the class of 2019 had the chance to sign a steel beam that will soon be placed in the structure of the addition to Abington Senior High School. The soon-to-be graduates joined Superintendent Dr. Jeffrey S. Fecher and Principal Mr. Angelo Berrios in signing the steel, which will represent one of their last acts as Abington School District students.

“Although the graduating seniors will not have the opportunity to experience the reimagined Abington Senior High School as a student, they will forever be a part of its fabric,” Dr. Fecher said. “We hope one day they will come back to visit their alma mater and see the finished product firsthand.”

June 4, 2019

Recent weeks in the Abington Senior High School Additions and Renovations Project have brought an important step: laying the foundation of the Senior High addition. The photos above show the progression of the placement of rebar, pouring of the concrete footing, laying of the concrete block foundation wall, and finally, the finished product of the back-filled foundation wall with interior insulation.

From there, there was nowhere to go but up! The photo below shows the close-to-complete retaining wall to provide a sense of its size. This wall will eventually be underground, as two stories of the addition will be built on top of this structure (meaning the top of the wall will be the first-floor elevation). On the Highland Avenue side of this wall is where the mechanical and electric utility rooms will be housed, which will power the entire Senior High building.

IMG_20190509_070048126 (003)

The steel beams are anticipated to arrive on site soon!