Abington Elementary School Students Honored with “Silver Pen” Awards for Writing Excellence


At last night’s meeting of the Board of School Directors, Abington School District’s curriculum department recognized the 16 recipients of this year’s “Silver Pen” awards, honoring outstanding student writers across the District’s seven elementary schools.

Each year, sixth-grade teachers are invited to nominate a student for the annual awards program, based on his or her narrative writing selections, and then a special committee at each school scores the papers, with the highest-scoring students being named winners.

Thanks to grant funding provided by the Abington Educational Foundation — a non-profit organization that provides funding to enhance educational experiences and outcomes for Abington School District students and their families — the winning students received an engraved pen at the meeting from Supervisor of Elementary Communication Arts Dr. Kelly Doyle, and Board President Raymond McGarry, Esquire. The students will also have their names added to a recognition plaque at their respective schools.

This year’s winners include:

  • Madison Gammage, Copper Beech Elementary School
  • John Harbison, Copper Beech Elementary School
  • Liam Knotek, Copper Beech Elementary School
  • Liesl McMullen, Copper Beech Elementary School
  • Mya Carmen, Highland Elementary School
  • James Harry Clark, V, Highland Elementary School
  • Dwain Alexander, McKinley Elementary School
  • Marilyn Matthews, McKinley Elementary School
  • Carter Barton, Overlook Elementary School
  • Rian Harden, Overlook Elementary School
  • John Ford, Roslyn Elementary School
  • Romilly Young, Roslyn Elementary School
  • Sebastien Guillotin, Rydal Elementary School
  • Sofiya Lavska, Rydal Elementary School
  • Nicole Chen, Willow Hill Elementary School
  • David Mwaria, Willow Hill Elementary School

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