Abington School District Celebrates Earth Day

Although Earth Day fell on a Sunday this year, that did not stop Abington School District students from finding ways to recognize the worldwide observance day during the school week. In fact, it provided an opportunity for multiple days of celebrations.

Ahead of Earth Day, on Friday, April 20, students at Copper Beech Elementary School created artistic and colorful designs on brown paper shopping bags. The goal of the project was to encourage people to be more mindful about our planet, its amazing resources and the need to recycle. The shopping bags will be sent back to O’Neill’s Market in Glenside — just down the road from the school — to be used by shoppers to pack their groceries.

Following Earth Day on Monday, April 23, students in Ms. Marchione and Ms. Deni’s classes planted flowers in front of the building, as well as in a garden nearby the Science Wing. This is the fourth consecutive year Junior High students have recognized Earth Day by cleaning out the gardens and planting flowers, and this year they even received assistance from Principal Mr. File and Assistant Principal Mr. Brison.

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