Copper Beech Elementary School Hosts Second Annual Science Fair

On Thursday, April 5, Copper Beech Elementary School hosted its second annual Science Fair, where students from every grade level presented their research and scientific findings.

The demonstrations and experiments fell within one of the five main categories: Animals, Plants and the Human Body; Chemistry and Physics; Earth Science and Space; Computer Science and Mathematics; or Engineering and Electronics. 

The Science Fair is a unique environment that provides a creative and visual learning experience in which all students can participate. It provides students with an opportunity for active learning and motivates them to further their studies while developing critical-thinking skills. 

Workshops in preparation for the Fair started four months ahead of time, teaching students planning and organizational skills, including helping them develop their ideas from the brainstorming stage through the final presentation. The Science Fair also offered students a rare opportunity to develop public speaking skills as they presented their experiments in front of a panel of judges. 

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