Asia-Grahams Project

Please check Skyward or my Google Classroom page to find the documents related to the Asia-Grahams project.


Research Sites: – AJHS Library Website (you must be logged into your school google account to access this!) – Links to CultureGrams & World Book Online – both are great research sites (you will need the district’s username and password for these paid services, which can be found by clicking this link AJHS Library Accessing Databases from Home  – you must be  logged into school google account) – EXCELLENT and detailed source of information for each country in the world – Another useful site, also has pictures from each country


Blank Outline Map Sites to Trace Map of Your Country: – Find your country on the list, click it, and an image will pop-up with that country’s borders outlined.  You can RIGHT-CLICK on the image of your country to “Save” the image to your device.  Then you can insert that image on a blank PowerPoint slide or Google Slide and enlarge it to make it bigger, print it out, and TRACE IT for your own map. – Find your country on the list, click it, and a new web page will load with your country.  You CANNOT right-click on this map like the above site.  What I suggest is getting the whole country outline on  your screen and then taking a “Screen Shot” by pushing the “PRINT SCREEN” button on your keyboard.  Then open PowerPoint or Google Slides or Microsoft Paint (or another similar program) and “PASTE” the screenshot and crop the screenshot to just your country’s borders.  Then enlarge it to the size of the slide, print it out, and TRACE IT for your own map.