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Extensions for Google Chrome

Chrome Extensions


You can download and install extensions to your Google Chrome internet browser to help you with certain tasks online.


  • You can manage the extensions you’ve installed either by:
    • Clicking on the 3 dots in the upper-right corner of Chrome  —> selecting “Settings”  —> and then clicking “Extensions” in the left-hand menu of the new tab that pops up OR
    • You can click this link: chrome://extensions/


*** There are TWO (2) extensions you will need to install in Google Chrome:

  • 1.) KAMI  —> click “Add to Chrome” and then click “Add Extension
    • Open the Kami app by going to
    • Students must sign in using their school’s Google account using thewith Google button.
      • During a social studies class I will share a link with students in Google Classroom that connects their free Kami account to my teacher / classroom account
      • Kami is a Google Chrome extension that allows users to annotate and save their work on PDF files.





  • Dualless – 
    • BOTH the Tab Resize and the Dualless Chrome extensions allow you to split one Google Chrome window with several tabs open into two separate Chrome windows – each taking up half of your screen – YOU ONLY NEED TO INSTALL ONE OF THEM!
    • This is very useful when you have to watch a Zoom class in one window and work on an assignment in another window at the same time

Kami 2    AND EITHER     Tab Resize Logo    OR     Dualless Logo





Here are some other Chrome Extensions that you might find useful but are NOT required:








Grammarly Logo          Save to Google Drive          Bitmoji Logo 1          WebPaint Icon          Emoji Keyboard