Course Materials


Materials You NEED for Class! (Virtual Learning)

Working From Home


The following are materials that you will NEED in order to succeed in Durand Land Online!


  • #2 PENCILS and/or PENS (black or blue ink)


  • Homework Book or just a simple, regular Notepad
    • to write down reminders or make a “To Do List” – keep next to your computer at all time


  • CHROMEBOOK issued to you by Abington School District. 
    • NOTE: The district will be receiving several shipments of Chromebooks this fall.  The Chromebooks will be issued to students and families who need them first.  If you already have a computer at home then you will use that device until your ASD Chromebook is issued to you.


  • If you are using your own device please try to use a DESKTOP or LAPTOP COMPUTER (as opposed to a tablet or phone). 
    • The computer can be a Windows PC, Mac, or Chromebook. 
    • Make sure GOOGLE CHROME is installed as that is the internet browser you should use for virtual learning (please do not use Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browsers UNLESS Chrome is giving you trouble, then try another browser as an alternative.)  


  • If you are using your own computer, check to see if it has a web camera with a microphone
    • If your computer does not have a web camera and microphone, then you may want to consider using a smartphone or tablet (which have built-in cameras and microphones) to participate in the Virtual Classroom live sessions while doing your school work on a computer.  The ASD Chromebooks come with a built-in camera and microphone!


  • ZOOM
    • Mr. Durand’s classes will be meeting via Zoom to start the school year.  I will post a Zoom meeting link in the stream of the student’s Google Classroom page that they will simply need to click on to join the meeting.
    • Students should set their Zoom screen name to their FIRST AND LAST NAME.  That is how I will know it is them to let them into the meeting from the waiting room.
    • I ask that students MUTE themselves on the zoom call.  If they need to ask a question or want to participate they can click the “Raise Hand” icon and when I call on them they can HOLD DOWN THE SPACE BAR on the keyboard to talk and it will temporarily unmute them (it works like a Walkie-Talkie, when you release the space bar you are muted again.)
    • (OPTIONAL) Students can join a zoom meeting using just Google Chrome, however, if you would like to download the Zoom client on a personal device your student is using you can do so here:


  • Find a place that is dedicated to learning.
    • If possible, choose a place that is free from distractions and has a good internet connection.
    • Additionally, if possible, try to choose a place that can be reserved for learning only, so that you can establish a ‘learning space’ just for school, and have the remaining areas be ‘non-learning spaces.’
    • If you want to test your internet connection speed on your device you can do so here:


Suggested materials for Class (Virtual Learning)


The following are merely SUGGESTED items that might help students, please do NOT feel like you must purchase them.  Only get them if you feel they will help you!


  • A pair of headphones with a microphone
    • The Chromebook students will receive has ONE (1) universal combo mic/headphone jack.
    • Please note that if headphones without a microphone are connected to this combo mic/headphone jack it might cause the computer’s built-in microphone to not work during meetings (or it may require some adjustments to the settings). 
    • Please note that I do NOT know for certain yet if the ASD Chromebook is Bluetooth compatible. If it is not Bluetooth compatible then wireless headphones will not work.  Therefore, I would recommend a combo headphone / microphone that has the universal headphone plug to be safe.


  • A Rubber-Tipped Stylus
    • The Chromebooks ordered by Abington School District fold into tablet mode and are equipped with a touchscreen. 
    • From what I’ve been told by technology, any rubber-tipped stylus should work on the Chromebooks.


  • If you’re like me and you detest the touchpad on a laptop or Chromebook, you might want to get a Mouse that connects to the USB port on the Chromebook.  If you like working with a touchpad as your mouse then ignore this suggestion!


image003 Homework Book Clipart  Lenovo 300e   Lenovo 300e Features   Lenovo 300e Ports


Mouse   Stylus   Wired Headset





Materials You NEED For Class (ONLY when we return to in-person learning!)


The following are materials that you will NEED in order to succeed in Durand Land. You must bring them with you to class EVERYDAY!


  • A YEAR’S SUPPLY OF #2 PENCILS!(Bring Several To School EVERYDAY!)


  • Three-Ring Binder Notebook (you may have either a separate 1″ binder for social studies class OR you can share a larger binder with other classes.) Either way, you should have TWO (2) clearly marked sections, using dividers, in your binder – one section marked “CLASSWORK” and one section marked “HOMEWORK.”


  • One Folder with Pockets (Please have a separate folder for social studies class – do NOT share a folder with other classes. A folder with three holes to keep inside your three-ring binder is always a good idea!)


  • A box of Colored Pencils (box of 8-10 standard colors)


  • Mini Pencil-Sharpener


  • Homework Book


  • Completed Homework Assignments!

image003 3-Ring Binderimage004 image006mini pencil sharpener

keep calm


The following items are NOT required for social studies class everyday, but will come in handy on occasion (some are required for other classes):

  • 3-Ring Binder Hole Punch
  • Ruler
  • Calculator (whatever version your Math teacher requires for math class will work)
  • Highlighters (preferably three different colors)

binder sized three hole punch rulerscalculator highlighters