Geography Websites

Geography Websites


On this page you will find a list of websites, sorted according to the units we study in class, that pertain to geographical topics. Many of the topics covered on these web sites are topics that we discuss in class. You can use the maps and information found on these sites to further your understanding of what you learn in class.


***Please be aware that clicking on these links will take you off of the Abington School District website and onto another website that is not monitored or controlled by the school district. Abington School District is not responsible for any Internet content outside of this website. Links to external sites are included on some parts of the Abington School District site as a service to visitors. Inclusion of external links does not imply endorsement or approval of external content. Parents should always approve any sites their children visit on the internet first.***



Various Geography Web Sites – Profiles on every country in the world compiled by the Central Intelligence Agency – Sporcle is a great trivia site – this link takes you to a listing of the Geography trivia quizzes – Great Geography Quizzes Website – A neat collection of global specialty maps on unique global issues (Poverty, Refugees, Wars, Conflicts, Global Hot Spots, etc.) – Global Gateway: World Culture & Resources – Genocide Studies Program at Yale University



Map Skills Web Sites – The Basics of Plate Tectonics – Some More Plate Tectonics Information – Animated Pictures of Plate Tectonics – National Geographic’s Map Maker – United States Geological Survey website with lots of great mapping information – Great tool to compare the TRUE SIZE of countries around the world (without the distortions created by map projections) – Shows Current Time & Date of Cities Around The World – Time Zone Map of the World – Time Zone Converter! – Maps & Information On The Earth’s Hemispheres – Information on the Equator & the Prime Meridian – A cool, colored Sun Clock Map – Nighttime Satellite Photo of the Earth Showing Population Density



U.S. Geography Web Sites – U.S. History Interactive Map


A Biography of America – BBC News: Country Profile of the United States – BBC News: Country Profiles of the Americas


European Geography Web Sites – The Geography of the Balkans (Cultural, Historical, Physical, Economic, etc.) – Documentary of World War I – Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center – History of the Jewish People – Interactive Timeline History of Ireland – Official Site of the European Union – BBC News: Profiles of European Countries



African Geography Web Sites – BBC News: Profiles of African Countries – Blank Map of Sub-Saharan Africa – Some Info on African Masks,12292,965052,00.html – Summary of the war in the Congo – Genocide Archive of Rwanda – UN Outreach Program on the Rwandan Genocide – Rwanda Project at Yale University’s Genocide Studies  Program




Southwest Asian Geography Web Sites – Geography of the Middle East (Cultural, Historical, Physical, Economic, Political, etc.) – Great Timeline of Events For Israel & Palestine – Information on Holy Sites in Jerusalem – Maps of Israel & Palestine over the past century – BBC News Profiles of Asian Countries



South Asian Geography Web Sites – The Indus Civilization – Summery of South Asia’s History – All About The Ganges River – BBC Special Report on the 70th Anniversary of the Partition of India – Learn all about Mohandas Gandhi – BBC News Profiles of Asian Countries


East & SE Asian Geography Web Sites – Cold War Topics page at – How North & South Korea became divided – Two Koreas at a Glance – Timeline of the Two Koreas – PBS Special Feature on the Story of China – Timeline of China’s Communist Revolution (Mao Zedong, Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution, Tiananmen Square, etc.) – Cambodian Genocide Program – Cambodian History – Vietnam War Archives – Mapping the Vietnam War – Timeline of the Vietnam War – Vietnam Veterans War Memorial Page – BBC News Profiles of Asian Countries