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Grades & Assignments Grades & Assignments! Grades & Assignments

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Setting up apps on mobile devices: this is useful for students to get notifications when teachers send messages to the class, respond to their emails, and give feedback on assignments


How to set up Google Classroom on an Android phone or tablet:


How to set up Google Classroom on an iPhone / iPad:


How a student can check their student email account (which is a google / Gmail account) on their mobile device:


The Difference Between Skyward & Google Classroom

  • Google Classroom is where you will find the assignments you need to work on, and it’s where you will submit assignments and get feedback on those assignments.
  • Skyward is where you will see your grades for each course.
  • The “grades” you might see in Google Classroom are transferred to Skyward but are weighted in Skyward depending on the type of assignment (Homework, Classwork, Graded Papers, Assessments, etc.).  The grades you earn on your report card and are used to calculate your final course grade, are found in Skyward.

AJHS Letter Grades



  • Yes, Skyward has a mobile app and I know it’s convenient. However, the Skyward app has limited features (for example, seeing missing assignments or comments is difficult in the app)
  • Therefore, I recommend you check Skyward using an internet browser (e.g. Google Chrome) on a regular basis and NOT just on the mobile app
  • See the image below for how to check your grades and missing assignments in Skyward:

Skyward Abbreviations           T1 Skyward Make Up Work



Google Classroom

  • The “STREAM” is for announcements, reminders, etc.  You do NOT complete assignments in the stream.
  • To complete assignments in Google Classroom you need to click on the CLASSWORK tab at the top (next to the “Stream)
  • If you need help learning how to attach assignments, submit work, etc. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do the following two things: