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Technology Tips

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Below you will find some hints, tips, and suggestions for some technology questions I receive.


How to Open 2 Chrome Windows Side-by-Side on Your Screen


How to Take Screenshots


How to Edit a Google Form Response

  • Sometimes teachers will enable the settings on a Google Form to allow you to see what questions you answered incorrectly, and then edit your answers to see if you can determine the correct response (and consequently improve your grade!)
  • Please note that this will NOT be an option on assessments (tests, quizzes, etc.) in Google Forms.
  • Click here for slides showing you how to “Edit Your Response” on a Google Form


Opening a Large Attachment in a New Chrome Window (or Downloading the file to your drive)

  • Sometimes a file is attached in Google Classroom that is too large to be opened easily (e.g. a large PDF file)
  • Click here for two slides showing you how to open a large attachment in a new window or download it if necessary



How to Add & Edit Arrows in Google Slides



Setting up apps on mobile devices: this is useful for students to get notifications when teachers send messages to the class, respond to their emails, and give feedback on assignments

How to set up Google Classroom on an Android phone or tablet:


How to set up Google Classroom on an iPhone / iPad:


How a student can check their student email account (which is a google / Gmail account) on their mobile device: