Judges From Philadelphia Horticultural Society Review Junior Flower Show Entries at Highland Elementary School

Highland Elementary School hosted a Philadelphia Horticultural Society (PHS) Junior Flower Show this week.  Students and classes displayed artwork and plant arrangements in various designated Artistic and Horticulture Classes, winning many first, second, and third place ribbons.  Two entries won “Best of Show” and will be on display at the Philadelphia Flower Show in March.

In December, Highland announced its participation in the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s Junior Flower Show and students were encouraged to submit entries in twenty-two Artistic and Horticulture Classes.  Students were able to submit entries developed at home or were able to attend workshops held after school at Highland.  Ms. Patricia Forrest and Ms. Francine Lee-Kim facilitated workshops to assist students in creating and assembling entries.

Highland’s “Best of Show” winners were Ms. Kelley’s fifth-grade class’ “totem pole,” made from recycled materials, and creatively depicting “The Story of American History”  (shown here with the class) and Danny Brusha’s creative flowering plant arrangement in a pottery flower pot (also shown here).

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