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Meeting Times
Students in V.I.B.E. must be dressed in appropriate attire for monthly meetings and off-campus field trips.
Ms. Haynes, Mr. Johnson, Ms. Nimmons, and Ms. Pierce
V.I.B.E., Voices Invoking a Brotherhood of Excellence, is a leadership program currently offered at Abington Junior High School for adolescent males. While the initial cohort started at the junior high school in 2005, it has since expanded to the high school and has also been extended to the elementary schools.. The purpose of V.I.B.E. is to give adolescents an opportunity to have a voice in our school community and to learn how to advocate for themselves in an academically challenging environment. Discussion groups focus on a variety of topics which may include celebration of diversity, recognizing and understanding personality differences, examining cultural backgrounds, understanding social expectations, and exploring community service opportunities.
Through V.I.B.E., students see the school, community members, and their parents working together as one to help each participant achieve success.