Seventh Grade Curriculum: English, science, mathematics, social studies, reading, physical education, health, STEM, art and an elective of band, orchestra, chorus, world language, personal development, multi-media technology, ceramics or fitness for life.

Eighth Grade Curriculum: English, science, mathematics, social studies, reading, physical education, music, STEM and an elective of band, chorus, orchestra, art, ceramics, family and consumer science, world language, multi-media technology, advanced multi-media technology, video production or fitness for life.

Ninth Grade Curriculum: The ninth grade represents the first year of the high school program. Students earn points toward the fulfillment of graduation requirements with courses in English, mathematics, science, social studies, world language, physical education and health, and an extensive elective program.

Course Selection Guides
  • Abington Junior High School provides educational services to all of the students in the district assigned to grades seven, eight, and nine.
  • Students in grade seven are assigned to one of five “neighborhoods” of approximately 120 students. Instruction in the neighborhoods is through an interdisciplinary team of teachers who work collaboratively to deliver an effective instructional program. Students in grade eight are assigned to one of five small learning communities of approximately 120 students.
  • A comprehensive program in the communication arts is offered with courses in English Language Arts which incorporate grammar, the writing process, spelling, vocabulary and literature. An honors English program begins in grade seven.

  • Reading instruction continues at the junior high school through developmental and basic reading courses. A course for gifted students is provided in reading in grades seven and eight.
  • The mathematics program is designed to provide instruction for a range of student abilities with honors sections offered at all three grade levels. The learning center provides support for any student in need of additional mathematics assistance.
  • The science program sequence includes science for all seventh-eighth grade students, and biology in grade nine. Honors courses in science are offered at all three grade levels. The junior high school participates in the GLOBE Project and is a host site for a WeatherNet 10, NBC weather station.
  • The social studies courses offer a sequence that includes World Geography in grade seven, American History in grade eight, and the development of Western Civilization in grade nine.  Elective courses in law and topics in world affairs is offered to grade nine students. Honors programs in the social studies are available to students at each grade level.
  • STEM I introduces students to computer science as a vehicle for critical-thinking, design, communication, and creativity.  Utilizing visual drag-and-drop programming, students learn coding concepts through the development of animations and game applications.   In addition this course encourages students to see where computer science exists around them and how they can engage with it as a tool for collaboration and problem-solving. In 2017-18, all 7th and 8th grade students will take this course.
  • Students are offered elective instruction in the world languages of French, German, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.  Many students begin language study in grade 7 and complete French, German, Spanish or Mandarin II by the end of the ninth grade.   Other students may begin language study in grades 8 or 9.  Honors language class opportunities are offered in grades 8 and 9.

  • Programs in health education are provided through courses offered by the Health and Physical Education and the Family and Consumer Science Departments. Students also participate in weekly physical education classes.

  • Additional courses are required in seventh and eighth grades.  In grade 7, this includes physical education and health for the entire year along with art and STEM I.   In grade 8 the program consists of physical education and health for the entire year along with general music and STEM I.

Title I

AJHS Title I Parent & Guardian Involvement Policy 2020-2021

AJHS Title I Schoolwide Plan 2020-2021

AJHS Title-I-Parent & Guardian-School Compact 2020-2021

AJHS Title-I-Right-to-Know 2020-2021

AJHS Title 1 Overview Presentation, 2020-2021


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