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Art is a recognized vital component of a complete education. The art program at Abington Junior High School is designed to foster critical thinking. Our art classes strive to give students the opportunity to experience several different art forms including both two and three-dimensional assignments with a variety of materials. Students will also study the vocabulary, history, aesthetics, and criticism as interrelated components in a sequential art program to be able to analyze and to appreciate works of art that they create and study.

Art is required in 7th grade. Art is offered as an elective in the 8th and 9th grade. Ceramics is offered as an elective course to all grades. Electives for 8th and 9th grade students include Art I, Art II, Art 9, and Graphics.

Art Club is offered in the Spring Semester once a week.

Mr. Matthew Harris, Supervisor of Fine Arts K-12
┬áMs. Ann Custer-Walter – Ceramics Website
Mr. Fabio Tulli
Ms. Kelly Steinlage

Art department teachers can be reached by email (see staff directory) or call 215-884-4700 extension 2201.