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The English department is committed to strengthening reading skills through exposure to diverse texts and strategies.  Throughout the year students will focus on four different aspects of literature: novels, short stories, poetry, and plays balanced with a myriad of nonfiction selections.  The students will read a variety of texts from different authors with unique writing styles.  Through literature, students concentrate on applying the modes of reading: clarifying, predicting, questioning, and summarizing.  Students investigate various literary devices, discuss themes, and examine the influences that precipitated the writing.  The students are asked to create projects, intelligently evaluate the literature, and model some of the writing.
Students read short stories and poetry from anthology collections.  The English department works to promote diversity by balancing traditional and modern texts, writings by multicultural authors, and contemporary nonfiction.
Writing is a large component of the English-Language Arts curriculum.  Students write to understand ourselves and others, to deepen and share knowledge, and to advocate for their passions and beliefs.  Using a writing workshop approach, the students will learn techniques to generate ideas, how to plan and draft for a variety of purposes, and ways to anticipate an audience’s response as they revise and edit.
The writing workshop gives students repeated opportunities to further develop and practice specific strategies.  Students are asked to create narrative, argumentative, and expository forms of writing, but, regardless of type, the emphasis is on helping them gain skills to add to their growing repertoire of writing techniques.  The design supports students as they become increasingly independent; they will have the freedom to make choices and the responsibility for making decisions based on purpose, writing well-developed paragraphs, using supporting details, and maintaining a unity of ideas.
Writing instruction helps students learn the writing process, gives them tools and models to respond to reading, strengthens their abilities to express themselves through writing, and helps them to defend their opinions using compelling, logical evidence.


Mr. James LodewickSupervisor of Secondary English
Ms. Erica Affleck
Ms. Elizabeth Bantley
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Mr. Chris Hamsher
Mrs. Jenyfer Kennedy
Mr. Warren Kulp
Mrs. Courtney Mack
Mrs. Cheryl Marquette
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Ms. Kate McGuffin
Ms. Stephanie Mignogno
Ms. Shelli Pierce

Ms. Kelley Stafford
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Additional Learning Center support in English is available.
The English Language Arts office phone number is 215-884-4700, extension 2423.

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