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The integrated Health and Physical Education curriculum includes a variety of activities designed to provide all students, regardless of gender, exposure to new activities throughout the course of the year.  Our goal is to introduce the students to a lifetime oriented program that will provide them with the opportunity to grow physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally.  Through a broad range of experiences, the students will be able to explore, experience, and develop self confidence and view themselves in a positive manner.

The Health curriculum introduces students to the various systems of the body and the physical changes that occur during adolescence.  Information relating to substance abuse and sexually transmitted diseases is a vital part of the course.  The ninth grade Health curriculum focuses on encouraging students to make lifelong positive health choices.  Areas of emphasis include:  mental health, substance abuse, nutrition, fitness, and human sexuality.

Mr. Ryan Weathers – Supervisor 
Mr. Brian Adams
Ms. Alisha Brown
Ms. Deirdre Durkin
Mr. Greg Godfrey
Mr. Daniel Marsh
Mrs. Karen Miller
Mrs. Jackie Rossi
Ms. Kelly Saurman
Mr. Samuel Smith

The Health and Physical Education office phone number is 215-884-4700 extension 2344.