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The Mathematics Department at Abington Junior High offers a variety of Pre-algebra, Algebra and Geometry courses tailored to the individual needs of the students. Students in the regular track experience two years of a Pre-algebra curriculum prior to taking a formal course in Algebra 1 in ninth grade.  In the honors track, the seventh grade year is spent in a Pre-algebra course, Algebra 1 in eighth grade, and Geometry in ninth.

All students in Abington Junior High have access to scientific and graphing calculators to support instruction in appropriate ways. In addition, selected computer software is available for use in Pre-algebra, Algebra and Geometry courses. A math Learning Center operates daily, both during and after school, to offer homework assistance and individual help. A math support program for students with more serious skill deficiencies is also available.

Mr. Ed Harkins, Chairperson
Ms. Denise Benz
Mr. Andrew Borka
Mr. Michael Burke
Ms. Robyn Czapor
Ms. Amanda Daly
Ms. Vinnie Dever
Mr. Joseph Dillon
Ms. Mollie Felte
Mr. Dennis Garvin
Mr. Bryan Hinds
Ms. Adele Kelly
 Mr. Douglas Kucera 
Ms. Janet Millonig
Ms. Kimberly Muldoon
Mr. Artem Peshenko
Ms. Jennifer Repetto
Mr. Michael Sandler
Ms. Marian Utain
Mr. Josh Woolsey
Ms. Melanie Yockus

Additional Learning Center support in Math is available.
The Math office phone number is 215-884-4700, extension 2296.