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Reading Department

Students in seventh and eighth grade are enrolled in reading classes that meet either two or five times per week. All instruction is aligned to the Pennsylvania Core English Language Arts standards and is designed to foster reading comprehension and to improve study skills, such as time management, listening skills, test preparation, note-taking and research strategies. Students read from a variety of genres including novels, short stories, plays, essays, speeches and online database articles, as well as self-selected materials.  Reading strategies that develop students’ critical thinking and analytical skills are emphasized. Ninth grade students may elect or be required to take a reading course in grade 9 in order to continue the improvement of their reading comprehension skills. All courses offered in the reading department provide an abundance of opportunities to develop and improve students’ comprehension skills and appreciation of reading as a lifelong habit.

Mrs. Janine Sack, Supervisor of Literacy

Mrs. Lisa Bodine
Mrs. Megan Bradley
Mrs. Peggy Burden
Ms. Allie Geller 

Ms. Danielle Martinelli 
Ms. Catherine Peifer
Ms. Regina Zambriczki


Additional Learning Center support in Reading is available.
The Reading office phone number is 215-884-4700, extension 2423.