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The Abington Junior High School Science Department is committed to providing students with a curriculum designed to cover the breadth of the natural sciences in challenging depth. The teachers of the department utilize a variety of methods of instruction to include guided laboratory experiments, student inquiry centered experiments, independent research projects, and collection and analysis of real world data.  The seventh grade course in science introduces students to the study of the Earth and space sciences.  Students learn about topics in geology, hydrology, meteorology, plate tectonics, and astronomy. In eighth grade, students learn about the physical sciences during the first semester and the life sciences during the second semester, with emphasis on the diversity of life, cells, and heredity.  Ninth grade students are enrolled in biology, a course that meets six periods per week and culminates with the Keystone Exam for Biology in May.   

Mr. Timothy Keller, Chairperson
 Ms. Sarah Bocian
Mr. Jeremy Fogle
Ms. Stephanie Grande
Dr. Matthew Hartwell
Mr. Robert Heine
Dr. Morgan Hurm
Mr. Brian Kelly
Ms. Atiya Nimmons
Ms. Christina Rooney
Mrs. Kim Rudy
Mrs. Abbey Sarault
Mr. Wayne Scattergood
Mr. Paul Sharp
Mr. Edward Steinhardt
Mr. Michael Travor
Ms. Amanda Tubbs
Mr. Andrew Zucker


Science Fair will resume in December 2021


Additional Learning Center support in Science is available.
The Science office phone number is 215-884-4700, extension 2454.