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The Abington Junior High School Social Studies Department provides students with an in-depth study of the history, geography, and politics of Western and non-Western societies.  The seventh grade curriculum emphasizes physical and political geography with special attention to map and globe skills. The program is designed to introduce students to basic concepts within the discipline of geography as well as broaden their knowledge of and understanding about the major geographic regions of the world. The five major themes of geography are infused throughout the curriculum. The eighth grade curriculum presents a combined thematic and chronological approach of American history. In addition, the geography, history, and governmental structure of Abington Township, Montgomery County, and Pennsylvania are discussed.  The ninth grade curriculum focuses on World History with an emphasis on the growth of and interaction of nation states around the world. 

Ms. Julianne Petersen, Supervisor of Teaching and Learning
Dr. Shaun Ake-Little
Ms. Valerie Bauer 
Mr. Francis Bowe Jr.
Mr. Jason Cottone
Mr. Shaun Deck
Mr. Brian Durand- Click for Teacher Page
Mr. Sean Higgins
Mr. Tyler Kennedy
Ms. Stephanie Gates
 Mr. Robert Hartman
Mr. Matthew Kurilla (click for google site)
Mr. Joseph Lennon 
Mr. John Nalence
Ms. Madeline Robinson

 Ms. Betina Roher
Mr. Ryan Sweeney
Mr. Peter Suanlarm

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