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The Abington School District offers an array of special education and related services for eligible students.  Programs, ranging from itinerant and consultative support to full time services, are offered for students with disabilities that affect their learning.  Students in learning support, emotional support, and life skills support participate in the regular education curriculum with varying degrees of support provided by the special education and regular education teachers.  Special education clinics provide opportunities for students to work independently on the mastery of academic and behavioral goals.  Students receiving special education services experience a full academic program in a large comprehensive junior high school with personal attention  focused on each students’ unique abilities and needs.

Ms. Julia Krik, Special Education Supervisor
Mr. Michael Blumberg
Ms. Amanda Deni
Ms. Cynthia Fleming
Ms. Diana Gallagher
Mr. Jeffrey Gutgesell
Mr. Ryan Leidy
Ms. Touri Mamrol
Ms. Margaret Marsh
Ms. Heather Morgan
Ms. Madeline Ogborn
Ms. Beth Palocsko
Ms. Kristina Powers
Ms. Cait Pringle
Ms. Holly Regan
Ms. Sheila Regan
Mr. Steve Ricci
Ms. Gabrielle Robinson
Mr. Jeffrey Robinson
Mr. John Rose
Ms. Kristine Sheets
Ms. Danielle Wood

Speech Therapist: Olivia Garzilli & Amanda Rombola
Vision Support Teacher: Christine Ward
Hearing Support Teacher: Rebecca King

The Special Education office phone number is 215-884-4700, extension 2434.