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The Business, Computer and Information Technology department at Abington Junior High School seeks to integrate computer technology with hands-on experiences to develop practical skills for the 21st century. Students will learn the importance of technology in the modern world and how it has evolved. In 7th and 8th grade, students are required to take a STEM course once a week for the entire year. STEM I introduces students to computer science as a vehicle for critical-thinking, design, communication, and creativity.  Utilizing visual drag-and-drop programming, students learn coding concepts through the development of animations and game applications.   In addition this course encourages students to see where computer science exists around them and how they can engage with it as a tool for collaboration and problem-solving. Elective courses offered include Multimedia Technology, Advanced Multimedia Technology, Video Production, Video Production 2, and Introduction to Business.  These electives cover selected topics in a more in-depth and topic-specific manner. 

Mr. Jon Kovaleski, Assistant Principal and Department Chairperson
Mr. Michael Burke
Mr. Robert Flath
Mr. Michael Newns
Ms. Beth Nord
Ms. Kelly Steinlage
Mr. Josh Woolsey