Staff Directory

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Name Department E-Mail Address
Adam, Amy Guidance
Adams, Brian Phys. Ed. & Health
Affleck, Erica M English
Ake-Little, Shaun Social Studies
Bantley, Elizabeth World Language
Bauer, Valerie Social Studies
Benz, Denise C Mathematics
Black, Cecile English
Blumberg, Michael D. Special Education
Boccella-Perras, Kate School Psychologist
Bocian, Sarah A Science
Bodine, Lisa Reading
Borka, Andrew Math
Bowe, Francis Social Studies
Bradley, Megan Reading
Bradley, Samantha World Language
Brison, Ronald Assistant Principal
Brizzell, Melissa Guidance
Burden, Margaret Reading
Burke, Michael Mathematics/Technology
Ciukurescu, Kathryn English
Cottone, Jason P Social Studies
Custer, Ann  Art
Czapor, Robyn Mathematics
Daly, Amanda Mathematics
Deck, Shaun T Social Studies
Deni, Amanda Special Education
Dillon, Joseph Mathematics
DiMarzio, Alisha Phys. Ed. & Health
Durand, Brian Social Studies
Durkin, Deirdre K. Phys. Ed. & Health
Felte, Mollie Mathematics
File, Daniel Principal
Finesmith, Diana Guidance
Fleming, Cynthia Special Education
Fogle, Jeremy Science
Gallagher, Diana Special Education
Garvin, Dennis J. Mathematics
Gates, Stephanie F Social Studies
Garzilli, Olivia Speech
George, Suzanne Guidance
Godfrey, Gregory Phys. Ed. & Health
Godin, Jennifer Special Education
Gold , Kerri World Language
Goochee, David Technology
Grande, Stephanie Science
Greiner, Kristen World Language
Guendelsberger, David Mathematics
Gunther, Gregory World Language
Gutgesell, Jeff Special Education
Hamsher, Christopher J. English
Harkins, Edward W. Mathematics-Chair
Hartman, Robert Social Studies
Hartwell, Matthew Science
Haynes, Rochele Guidance
Heine, Robert A. Science
Herman, Jordan Special Education
Higgins, Sean Social Studies
Hinds, Bryan Mathematics
Hurm, Morgan S. Science
Jogan, Cheryl World Language
Johnson, Fred D. Guidance
Kane, Cindy Reading
Keller, Timothy Science – Chair
Kelly, Adele Mathematics
Kelly, Brian Science
Kemble, Lauren E World Language
Kennedy, Jenyfer English
Kennedy, Tyler Social Studies
Kovaleski, Jonathan Assistant Principal
Krik, Julia Special Ed – Chair
Kucera, Doug Mathematics
Kulp, Warren English
Kurilla, Matthew Social Studies
Lai, Vaneessa World Language
Lennen, Kathleen Receptionist
Lennon, Joseph Social Studies
Mack, Courtney English
Maiorano-Dever, Vincenza Mathematics
Mamrol, Touri Special Education
Marchione, Madeline Special Education
Marquette, Cheryl J. English
Marsh, Daniel  Phys. Ed. & Health
Marsh, Margaret Special Education
Martin, Alexandra English
Martin, Robert B. World Language
Martinelli, Danielle M. Reading
McGinley, Julia Math
McGuffin, Kathleen English
Miller, Karen Phys. Ed. & Health
Mishel, Jessica L. World Language
Morgan, Heather Special Education
Muldoon, Kimberly Mathematics
Nalence, John Social Studies
Nimmons, Atiya Science
Nord, Beth Business Education
O’Gara, Stefanie Special Ed StefanieO’
Oldham, Daniel Assistant Principal
Olszewski, Mary Nurse
Palladino, Katherine School Psychologist
Palocsko, Beth A. Special Education
Patton, Susan B. Family & Consumer
Peifer, Catherine Reading
Perch, Carla Librarian
Peshenko, Artem Math
Petersen, Julianne Supervisor of Teaching and Learning
Pierce, Shelli English
Powers, Kristina Special Education
Pringle, Caitlin Special Education
Regan , Cecelia Special Education
Regan , Holly Special Education
Renye, Allison R Supervisor of World Language
Repetto, Jennifer L. Mathematics
Robinson, Gabrielle Special Education
Robinson, Jeffrey Special Education
Robinson, Madeline Social Studies
Roher, Betina Social Studies
Rombola, Amanda Speech Therapist
Rooney, Christina Science
Rose, John E. Special Education
Rossi, Jaclyn Phys. Ed & Health
Rudy, Kimberly Science
Sack, Janine Supervisor of Communication Arts, Secondary
Sandler, Michael Mathematics
Sarault, Abbey Science
Saurman, Kelly Phys. Ed & Health
Scattergood, Wayne Science
Sharp, Paul D Science
Sheets, Kristine Special Education
Shrager, Ellen World Language
Smith, Samuel P. Phys. Ed. & Health
Snead, Lori Librarian
Spencer, Katie Ann World Language
Stafford, Kelley English
Steinhardt, Edward Science
Steinlage, Kelly Art/Technology
Stone, Suzanne S. World Language
Sweeney, Ryan P Social Studies
Teefy, Kristen E English
Travor, Michael Science
Tubbs, Amanda Science
Tulli, Fabio Art
Turetzky, David Guidance
Utain, Marion Mathematics
Vaszily, John English
Voigt, Nancy L. Music
Vouriotis, Nicholas H Guidance
Walker, Mindy Music
Weathers, Ryan J Supervisor of Health and Physical Education, Secondary
Wetherill, David Music
Wexler, Matthew Coor. of Pupil Services
Wimberly, Vanessa Technology
Wood, Danielle Special Education
Woolsey, Joshua Mathematics
Yockus, Melanie Mathematics
Zucker, Andrew Science