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Welcome to McKinley’s Health Suite


The purpose of the Health Suite is to provide first aid for sick or injured students while they are in school, to plan for the care of students with health care needs and to carry out Pennsylvania’s State Mandated Program.

Our Staff:
Student Procedure in the Health Suite

Students need to have a pass to come to the Health Suite.  If it is determined that a student needs to go home, their parent/guardian will be notified.  Please notify the Health Room when any emergency information changes.

Just a reminder, when your child is absent for an extended illness, injury or operation, please provide a doctor’s note with special instructions for gym and/or recess.  A doctor’s note is required for crutches.

To prevent contagious illness in the school setting, please keep your child home from school if they have a fever or are vomiting.  They should remain home from school until 24 hours has passed since the cessation of vomiting and/or fever free without fever reducing medication. 

Medication Procedure

The administration of medication to a student during school hours in accordance with the direction of a parent/guardian and family physician will be permitted only when (1) failure to take such medication would jeopardize the health of the student and/or (2) the student would not be able to attend school if the medication were not made available during regular school hours. Before any medication may be administered to a student during school hours, the school nurse must receive (1) a written request from the parent/guardian giving permission for the administration of the specific medication, (2) a written order from the prescribing physician including the name of medication, dosage, the time at which or the special circumstances under which the medication shall be administered, the length of the period for which medication is prescribed and the possible side effects of the medication, and (3) the medication in a properly labeled container. The written request from the parent/guardian and the order from the physician shall be kept on file in the office of the school nurse. It is the responsibility of the parent or a responsible adult to bring the medication to school. With these prerequisites satisfied, all medications will be administered by the nurse. 

Pennsylvania’s State Mandated Program

The state of Pennsylvania requires physical exams for students in kindergarten, seventh and eleventh grades.  Immunizations are also required and reviewed upon registering for school.  A notice will be sent home if your child’s immunizations need to be updated.  Dental exams are required in kindergarten, third and seventh grade.  Exams performed within a year of the student entering the required grade are acceptable.

Along with vision and hearing screening the Pennsylvania Department of Health requests school nurses to conduct height and weight measurements and to calculate Body Mass Index (BMI) for students in all grades.  After the students are screened, letters are mailed home informing parents of the results, along with recommendations to share this information with their health care providers.  Scoliosis screenings are performed in grade 6.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the health room at (215) 663-0430 X6202