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By Phone

Contact a staff member by dialing (215) 663-0430.  Enter the extension at the prompt.  You will be directed to voicemail between 8:30 am and 3:20 pm.

By Email

Click on the links below.  If they don’t work then type the teacher’s full first and last name and add the tag @abington.k12.pa.us
Example:  dawngreen@abington.k12.pa.us

 2018-2019 McKinley School Staff
Kindergarten Casey Bedard 6106
Megan DiMaria 6104
Erin-Marie Fullen 6105
Jocelyn Keeney 6107
Grade 1 Danielle Curran 6102
Amy Doherty 6103
Tamika Holland 6108
Rebecca Jones 6109
Grade 2 Barbara Schenk 6110
Rachel Franz 6109
Briege McDaniel 6112
Kathryn Piree 6113
Janice Stearns 6111
Grade 3 Dennis Beam 6114
Rachel DeBlass 6115
Lisa Guglielmelli 6150
Nancy Hartzell 6151
Tricia Livingood 6152
Grade 4 MaryEllen Crumbock 6133
Hilary Hayes 6123
Michael Pinkhasov 6126
Heather Tefft
Lynne Wilkins 6121

Grade 5
MaryAnn Berman 6131
Dennis Donnelly 6137
Lauryn Kelly 6140
Colleen Murphy 6135
Kelly Rimer 6138
Grade 6 Deepika Bunjun 6130
Mary Bridget Corbo 6128
Nicole Goldstein 6125
Ernie West 6127
Special Education Joyce Charles 6118
Lorraine Crane 6221
Rebecca Czahor 6120
Rebecca Edwards 6116
Laura Marunich 6217
Yolanda Morris 6119
Amy Petrilla 6123
Jenna Weise 6221
APEX Jennifer Tanay  6222


Principal Marie Kim 6205
     Secretary Dawn Green 6205
Asst. Principal Rob Howe  6204
     Secretary Bonnie Heinz 6204
Supervisor Special Education Maria Vaccaro 6210
E.C.S. Andrew Hudson 6211
Psychologist  Andrea Koban-Payne 6208
Receptionist Karen Herold 6200
Nurse Alice Eldredge 6202-6203
Health Assistant Mary Liz Bauer 6202-6203
Librarian Lauren Strohecker 6213
Dawn McGee
Lori Schwarz
Library Clerk Susan Blitchford
Reading Specialist Deaitra Bradley 6117
Kathy Weiss 6219
Art Donna Zar 6153
Chelsea Puglese  6153
Music Rob Ford 6154
Tim Myers
Instrumental Music George Frueh 6154
Kevin Longwill
Stephanie Coppola
Daniel Young
Physical Education Michael Duffy 6220 
Kristen Early
Megan Olinger
Speech Joslyn McKenna 6212
Dawn McGinty
Instructional Aides David Benetz  
Rochelle Dobson
Melissa Ebo
Mary Hughes
Amanda Ibbetson
Jung Jeong
Bette Love
Luz Mobley
Jeanne O’Donnell
Lisa Schiwall
Lori Schuler
Alisa Simon
Lynn Taylor
Kelly Warner
Cafeteria/Playground Aides Trish Batcho  
Donna Bautista
Evelyn Radomski
Wilma Roberts
Angeline Seaton
Irene Stallings
Custodian-Head Russ Saunders
Custodian Eric McKinney
Custodian John Kowalski
Cafeteria Mgr./Cook Marianne Higgins 6218
Cafeteria Cashier Eileen Louie
Cafeteria Dishwasher Lisa Corson
Cafeteria Server Suzanne McKeever