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 Mr. Joshua Perlman, Principal

Welcome to Overlook Elementary School!  Our school is a wonderful place to learn and have fun.

It is our shared vision to provide each student with a safe, nurturing, and accepting environment where they can reach their academic potential.  Creating this environment requires cooperation and teamwork.  I invite you to join with us and become active team members in your child’s education.  Whether you participate in the PTO, volunteer in the classroom, review homework and special projects or read with your child nightly, you can make the difference.

We Are Better Together!

“We Are Better Together!” is the theme of Overlook Elementary School, one of seven elementary schools in Abington School District in suburban Abington, near Philadelphia, PA.  Overlook Elementary is a dynamic and vibrant learning environment that maintains a standard of excellence in education.  Through the contributions of its dedicated and innovative staff and the enthusiasm of the diverse student population it serves.  Overlook demonstrates the importance of forming partnerships with families and the surrounding community to enable students to become energetic and life-long learners.  The concept of school pride inherent in the Overlook motto has assumed new and greater significance over recent years.

Overlook Elementary School’s student body is a blend of children from a variety of neighborhoods, parental backgrounds and cultural influences.  Overlook views this diversity as an opportunity to promote educational equality among all of its students, through a wide array of creative, relevant and unique social and academic activities.  Included are programs such as CSSP, RTI (Response to Intervention) and Mentoring by Abington Senior High School students. 

schoolfront4Overlook Elementary is the epitome of the neighborhood school.  Originally constructed in 1926 and rebuilt in 2005.  Overlook is a state of the art, two story structure containing classrooms equipped with LCD projectors and computer technology.  Overlook also features small group instruction rooms and a media center/library.

Our school building belongs to our students, their families and staff.  It reflects the care we demonstrate and the value we place on our accomplishments within the building.  The playgrounds, gymnasium and athletic fields are alive with students and their families, as well as community organizations such as Boy Scouts and the Abington Raiders football team. 

Overlook is committed to continuing our search for excellence in education.  We believe that such excellence will result from continued clarity in our ideas and firmness in our belief that all children can and want to learn.  Simply put, we expect our students to succeed.  Toward this goal, we have developed a vision statement that guides our work:  “We will prepare our students to become productive citizens by meeting students’ needs through a challenging, flexible, and interactive curriculum.