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Overlook Elementary is composed of a diverse group of dedicated teachers and support staff.  Our first priority is to cultivate a diverse, student-centered environment that promotes academic excellence and a love for learning.  This can only be achieved with the unwavering support and commitment of our very talented and dedicated staff.  (click on teacher’s name to send an e-mail) 

To dial a teacher’s extension, please dial 215-657-0857, enter the #3 followed by the teacher’s room number.

Name Grade/Position Room E-mail Address Website
Joshua Perlman Principal Office JoshuaPerlman@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Karima Boyd Elementary Curriculum Specialist Office KarimaBoyd@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Leah Beil Special Education Supervisor   LeahBeil@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Maryanne Sweeney Kindergarten 208 MaryanneSweeney@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Natalie Simmons Kindergarten 209 NatalieSimmons@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Jennifer Bradshaw Kindergarten 210 JenniferBradshaw@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
First Grade        
Juan Arredondo First Grade 212 JuanArredondo@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Meghann Amato First Grade 213 MeghannAmato@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Laura Gambino First Grade 215 LauraGambino@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!

Second Grade

2nd Grade Homepage

Ellen Brown Second Grade 219 EllenBrown@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Elise Melchor Second Grade 220 EliseMelchor@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Alexandra Petriccione Second Grade 222 AlexandraPetriccione@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Third Grade        
Sue Goold Third Grade 214 SusanGoold@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Simone Doctor Third Grade 225 SimoneDoctor@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Brad Wilkins Third Grade 226 BradWilkins@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Kaitlin Packer Third Grade 227 KaitlinPacker@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!

Fourth Grade

4th Grade Homepage

Deborah Swedberg Fourth Grade 106 DeborahSwedberg@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Melissa Hughes Fourth Grade 107 MelissaHughes@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Lauren Struthers Fourth Grade 108 LaurenStruthers@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Holly Kelly Fourth Grade 109 HollyKelly@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!

Fifth Grade

5th Grade Homepage

Andrew Coates Fifth Grade 113 AndrewCoates@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Jesse Matthews Fifth Grade 114 JesseMatthews@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Ashley Ensslen Fifth Grade 116 AshleyEnsslen@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!

Sixth Grade

6th Grade Homepage

Peter DiIorio Sixth Grade 115 PeterDiIorio@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Patrick Watkins Sixth Grade 121 PatrickWatkins@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Lindsay Motley Sixth Grade 122 LindsayMotley@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Cassidy Adams Sixth Grade 123 CassidyAdams@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Reading Team        
Natalie Finn Reading Specialist 117 NatalieFinn@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Dara Whiteside Reading Specialist 206 DaraWhiteside@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Amita Abraham Reading Specialist 223 AmitaAbraham@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Derek Hughes Reading Specialist 218 DerekHughes@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Special Education        
Kathleen Lucadamo Primary Learning Support   KathleenLucadamo@Abington.k12.pa.u Click Here!
Mitch Lee Primary Emotional Support   MitchellLee@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Jen Mahoney Intermediate Learning Support   JenniferMahoney@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Jenna Ventresca Intermediate Emotional Support   JennaVentresca@Abington.k12.pa.us  
School Psychologist        
Tonya Johnson Psychologist 205 TonyaJohnson@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Julie Maragos Music 102 JulieMaragos@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Kristen Early Physical Education 216 KristenEarly@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Margaret Johnson Art 101 MargaretJohnson@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Jacqueline Terrizzi-Meyers Library 211 JacquelineTerrizzi-Meyers@Abington.k12.pa.us Click Here!
Donna Voelker Speech Specialist 203 DonnaVoelker@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Administrative Assistants        
Jackie McKeegan Office Office JacquelineMcKeegan@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Pat Kalinoski Office Office PatriciaKalinoski@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Health Services        
Mary Gallagher Nurse 202 MaryGallagher@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Stacie Hazard Nurse 202 StacieHazard@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Education Support Professionals        
Eva Afflisio Paraprofessional 120 EvaAfflisio@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Kathy Bein Paraprofessional 224 KathleenBein@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Donna DiMauro Paraprofessional 207 DDiMauro@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Denise Donnelly Paraprofessional 112 DeniseDonnelly@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Kelly Ann Mulcahy Paraprofessional 201 KellyAnnMulcahy@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Kimberly Williams Paraprofessional 204 KimberlyWilliams@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Chiquilla Holt Paraprofessional 224 ChiquillaHolt@Abington.k12.pa.us  
Nicole Manton Cafeteria/Playground Aide 232    
Sylvia Butler Faltz Cafeteria/Playground Aide 232    
Denise Staszko Cafeteria/Playground Aide 232    
Bonnie Porter Cafeteria/Playground Aide 232    
Rusha Russell Head Custodian 126    
Jason Loston Custodian 126    
Peg Root Cafeteria Manager/Cook 233