Our School > Mission Statement

Rydal Elementary School is a place where staff, students, and parents are collectively committed to “achieving excellence.”  Our population is comprised of people of various cultural, socio-economic and religious backgrounds.  This diversity enhances the life experiences of our community of learners, yet it also creates our greatest challenge.  On a daily basis, we strive to provide an equal opportunity for all of our students to attain academic success.  The professional staff is dedicated to learning and adapting innovative teaching strategies to meet the unique learning needs of each child.  This vision has led to a strong collaboration between all staff members and our families.

The Rydal community embraces the attributes that distinguishes us from one another and builds upon the common values of respect, responsibility, thoughtfulness and kindness.  Our character education program, which emphasizes character development and service learning, is at the core of the Rydal experience.  Parents, students and staff view these initiatives as significant components of our identity and mission.

There is truly a sense of “family” at Rydal Elementary School.  Parents and community members are intricately involved in school life.  Their contributions are numerous and appreciated.  Staff members work as a team to ensure student success and accomplish building goals.  Students feel supported and valued as individuals.  As a family, we are proud of our accomplishments and expect a bright future for our school.