List of Clubs and Activities:




Mr. Quigley

Abington Game Design

Mr. Daubenspeck

Abington Buddies Club

Ms. Glick & Ms. Jedlinski

All-School Musical

Ms. Caiazzo, Mr. Myers

All-School Play

Ms. Caiazzo

Anime Club

Ms. Yeager

Archival Committee

Ms. Karcher

Asian American Club

Mr. James

Athletes Helping Athletes

Ms. McGee, Ms. Rafter, Mr. Sorber

A-Town Steppers (Girls)

Ms. Cooper & Ms. Povacz

Ballroom Dancing Club

Ms. Eichler

Build On Club

Mr. Hunt & Ms. Cohen


SRO Gibbs

Chamber Music Ensemble

Mrs. Voigt

Chess Team

Mr. Simmons

Cinema Club

Mr. Levandoski

College Essay (and Editing) Club

Ms. Boland

Concert Band

Mr. DeTato

Concert Choir

Mr. Myers

Creative Writing Club

Mr. Turner

Dance Club

Ms. Kalinowski

Electronic Gaming Club

Mr. Daubenspeck

Engineering Team (Science Club)

Ms. Yeager


Ms. White

Fashion Club

Ms. Summers

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Ms. N. Williams


Mr. Daubenspeck

French Club

Ms. Menichelli

French Honor Society

Ms. Menichelli

Garden Club

Ms. England & Ms. Sandler-Ligi

Gender Sexuality Awareness group

Ms. Jedlinski

German Club

Ms. Eichler

Gospel Choir

Mr. Myers

Graveyard Steppers (Boys)

Ms. Cooper & Ms. Povacz

H2O for Life

Ms. Lips & Mr. Wiley


Ms. N. Williams

Indoor Color Guard

Mr. DeTato

Indoor Drum Line

Mr. DeTato

Japanese as Alternate Language Club

Mr. Daubenspeck

Jazz Band

Mr. DeTato

Jazz History Club

Mr. Turner & Mr. DeTato

Junior Class (2019)

Mr. Dillon & Ms. Lips

Key Club

Ms. Ritterman & Ms. Peters

Knitting Club

Ms. Agostine

Latin Club


Latin Honor Society


LEO Club

Ms. Katz

Library Aides

Ms. McGee

Marching Band

Mr. DeTato

Math Club

Mr. Tinney

Media Club

Mr. Quigley


Ms. Chakler, Ms. McGee, Mr. Zanetti

Model United Nations (U.N.)

Mr. Penderghest

Military Club

Mr. Anderson

Mock Investors Club

Mr. MacNair

Mock Trial

Mr. Daubenspeck

National Art Honor Society

Mr. Ferro

National Honor Society

Ms. K. Miller & Ms. Chakler

Oracle (Year Book)

Mr. O’Donnell


Mrs. Voigt

Peer Mediation Program

Ms. Povacz

Photography Club

Mr. Han

Pit Orchestra

Ms. Voigt

Psychology  Club

Ms. Farrington

Quilting Club

Ms. Anello

Reading Olympics

Ms. McGee & Ms. Summers

Red Cross Club

Mr. Wiley

School Store

Ms. G. Hansen & Ms. Myslinski

Science Fair/PJAS

Mr. Anderson

Science Olympiad

Mr. Spencer

Select Choir

Mr. Myers

Senior Class (2018)

Ms. Rizzo & Ms. Woodside

Sophomore Class (2020)

Ms. Summers & Ms. Myslinski

Spanish Club

Ms. Grosch & Ms. Bucci

Spanish Honor Society

Mr. Garcia-Esteban

Special Olympics

Ms. Jedlinski  & Ms. Glick


Mr. Levandoski

Student Council

Mr. Banks & Mr. Garry

Symphonic Band

Mr. DeTato

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Mr. O’Donnell


Ms. Hansen

Varsity “A”

Ms. McGee/Mr. Vaccaro


Ms. Cooper

Volunteer Firefighter Club

Mr. Wiley

Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH)

Ms. Karcher

Water Safety/Swimmer Aides

Mr. Franko

World Affairs Forum Club

Ms. Farrington

Yoga Club

Ms. Kalinowski & Ms. Eichler

Young Democrats Club

Ms. Eichler

Young Republicans Club

Ms. Agostine