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What Is the Active Academy?

Abington’s A.C.T.I.V.E. Academy is a transitional program designed for young adults, ages 18-21, with IEPs. The A.C.T.I.V.E. Academy utilizes the classroom and community as it teaches students vocational, travel training, and independent living skills. Students will be provided with opportunities to practice these skills in the classroom, at their job site, and in the community.  Self-awareness and safety will be key components of the A.C.T.I.V.E. curriculum.

Student Expectations

Students in the A.C.T.I.V.E. Academy are expected to take personal responsibility for their actions by respecting others and working together. The following are the responsibilities of students in the A.C.T.I.V.E. Academy:

  • Respect self and others
  • Responsible for self
  • Attend school and work consistently
  • Be aware of surroundings and expectations of work environment
  • Maintain appropriate social behaviors for school and work
  • Display a positive attitude
  • Demonstrate appropriate dress and personal hygiene
  • Be prepared for daily academic and work expectations
  • Advocate for self

Community Based Instruction
Students will access their community through consistent Community Based Instruction (CBI) activities. Focus will be placed on “real life” activities, appropriate social, communication, and behavior skills.

Travel Training
Students will be taught how to access public transportation and have repetitive opportunities to practice these skills. Travel training will include how to access their environment and community and use public transportation independently.

Independent Living Skills
Students will be taught Independent Living Skills so that they can meet their maximum potential. Instruction will be focused on everyday personal and social skills, hygiene, cooking and clothing
care, safety, money and time management.

Vocational Training
Student will develop appropriate work competencies and employability skills necessary for success in the workplace. Vocational skills will include a positive attitude, communication, planning and organizing, critical thinking, interpersonal and social skills, teamwork, professional

Functional academic skills will continue to be taught in the classroom as well as reinforced in the community, work place and social interactions. Students will focus on practical math, reading, and writing skills necessary to allow them to reach their maximum potential. Functional skills will prepare students for participation in community life while teaching critical skills.

Let’s Get Started…

  1. State Identification Card
  2. SEPTA Reduced Fare Pass
  3. Abington Library Card
  4. Cell Phone
  5. Wallet/Purse
  6. Gmail Email Address
  7. Debit Card
  8. Signed Permission Slip for Travel
  9. 10 SEPTA Tokens for Travel
    (additional tokens will be needed throughout the year)

The above items are necessary for adult life. Students in the A.C.T.I.V.E. Academy are expected to obtain and learn to utilize these in order maximize their potential and increase their independence.

Contact Information

  1. Nicole Callahan, Supervisor of Special Education
    215-884-4700 (ext. 2075)
  2. Kathy Rafter, Transition Teacher
  3. Cara Gimbel, Transition Teacher