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English Department

Department Chair:  James Lodewick

Abington secondary students are required to complete four years of English as part of the general education provided for all. Every student is expected to successfully meet the subject expectations of each required English course in order to qualify for promotion to the next grade level. Policy strongly discourages students from enrolling concurrently in any two required English courses. Provision is made for individual differences in terms of background and aptitude. However, each class explores units of work common to the needs and interests of all students in the areas of literature, composition, vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and listening.

Students who demonstrate unusual competency and interest in the required sequence may elect to participate in the work of an honors (0120,0130) or honors/AP section (0140). The purpose of the honors/AP classes is to provide highly motivated and capable English students with a rigorous college-oriented program of composition and literature with particular emphasis on frequent writing and intensive study of more complex literary works. Students may also elect to participate in the College Prep (0121, 0131, 0141). The choice should reflect both the skill and interest of the pupil in terms of the intrinsic components of the subject and the desire to prepare for post high school education and/or the world of work. Elective offerings are designed to afford students an opportunity to explore areas of specialization appropriate to both avocational and vocational interests.