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Health and Physical Education

Department Chair:  Ryan Weathers

Health Education

Health Education courses in abington are a part of a continuous sequence that begins in first grade. The program in ninth grade is provided to give students a better understanding of themselves and others as they grow through the early teen years. The twelfth grade program offers experiences aimed at improving knowledge, practices, and attitudes related to adult living, mental health, family living, and current problems associated with adult health education.

Physical Education

Successful completion of a yearly Physical Education course is required of all students in Abington Senior High School. The program actively addresses national, state, and local standards. The physical education program is an organized, co-educational program that provides all students with the opportunity to achieve proficiency in a wide variety of activities. The goal of the physical education program is to enable students to enrich their physical well-being, become aware of their own abilities, develop knowldge and skills in a wide variety of activities, and better understand the importance of fitness for a lifetime.

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