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Social Studies Department

Supervisor of Teaching and Learning: Julianne E. Petersen

The social studies curriculum is built on the foundation disciplines of history, geography, economics, sociology, psychology, anthropology; and political science. The specific courses and topics which comprise the curriculum rest on this foundation and focus on the past, present, and future interaction of human beings and their environment.

The special purpose of social studies is citizen education and the civic learning of each individual. Abington has as its goal the development of a contributing and productive individual possessing self-awareness, knowledge skills, and a sense of responsibility as a member of the family, school, local community, state, nation, and world.

The Service Learning curriculum is part of the academic requirements for all students in their social studies courses in grades 9-11. Service Learning requires that students fulfill a set amount of hours in service to their community in ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades. Juniors must present a culminating project in order to pass their social studies requirement to graduate. Additional information on Service Learning may be found on the school’s Website.


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