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Prerequisite: Photography                                                                             

(5 points – one semester)
Students will experience first-hand the future of photography. The emerging technologies of digital photography and image manipulation create endless creative possibilities. Students will be given the opportunity to create images from digital cameras, scanned photographs, and the Internet.  Computers will be used to edit, combine, and transform images from single or multiple sources. Created images can then be used in word processing documents such as reports,  newsletters, or advertising projects.

MECHANICAL DRAWING / CAD I 0864, 0865, 0866
No prerequisite                                                                                               

(2, 3 or 5 periods, full year, 4, 6 or 10 points)

A beginning course that emphasizes the fundamentals of mechanical drawing.  For the first half of the year students will draw using traditional drafting equipment.  The second half of the year, students will be working on a CAD (computer aided design) system.  Students will draw two and three dimensional objects, orthographic projections, oblique views and perspectives.  Architectural drawings will be explored as well as several problem-solving and building projects.  This is an excellent background course for students who plan to enter engineering, architectural, technical or vocational fields or those interested in a basic course in mechanical drawing.

MECHANICAL DRAWING / CAD II, III 0867, 0868, 0869, 0871, 0872, 0873
Prerequisite:  Mechanical Drawing / CAD I                                                          
(2, 3 or 5 periods, full year, 4, 6 or 10 points)
As with Mechanical Drawing / CAD I, students work the first half of the year using traditional drawing tools and the second half on the CAD system.  Students will draw more advanced orthographic, isometric, auxiliary, sectional developments and projections.  An emphasis is placed on engineering drawings (students will study bridges and then construct one) and architectural drawings.  Students will draw the various views of a building for which they will build a model in their third year.