At Overlook, Abington Varsity Football Players and Cheerleaders Encourage Reading with Unique “Reading Super Bowl”

A unique Super Bowl celebration at Overlook Elementary School helps encourage Overlook students to read, while celebrating the Super Bowl!

Abington Senior High School Varsity football players and cheerleaders visited Overlook to read children’s books to the elementary students in classrooms, and then gave out trading cards (football players) and bookmarks (cheerleaders) to each student in the classroom. The trading cards feature a football player and a book!

Following the classroom visits, the football players and cheerleaders attended a luncheon with Overlook students who exhibited excellent teamwork and cooperation during school, complete with Super Bowl hoagies. In addition, all students were invited to wear their favorite team jerseys and bring in a can of soup for a local food pantry.

It was a wonderful celebration of reading and the Overlook students had a great time with the high school athletes and cheerleaders.

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