Spotted Lanternfly Hackathon


On November 8th, 2018, eight students from Abington Senior High School competed in a Hackathon hosted by the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit. The students competed in two groups to design an application to help educate, track, and control the spread of the spotted lanternfly that has recently become a invasive and destructive problem in the United States. Our teams competed against seven other teams from Montgomery county and won first place for their design. They are now tasked to build and pitch their app to a board of agriculture experts at the Harrisburg Farm Show in January. They will be competing against other first place winners from the Delaware, Bucks and other local Intermediate Units.

The winners: Yuri Yakimov, Isabella Smith, Jackson Hoag, and Maggie Hanley. The second group: Samantha Simon, Sonny Stevenson, Andy Jeon, and Eshen Brinkert.

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